The good news for Indiana basketball Sunday was the decision by 6-foot-10 signee Clifton Moore to recommit to Archie Miller and the IU program.

That means that the two players that asked for their releases from their letters of intent after Tom Crean was fired – Moore and Al Durham – have both recommitted to the program.

The third signee – Justin Smith – never asked to be released but earlier this week announced he was sticking with IU, too.

The bad news – or at least the challenging news – for Miller and the Hoosiers is how he’s going to fit 15 scholarship players into 13 slots.

This is where you’re going to see a major philosophical difference between Crean and Miller. Crean was always comfortable with over-signing recruits, believing that everything always found a way to work itself out.

Miller isn’t comfortable with that way of thinking. Now this season he has no choice because he has inherited Crean’s roster, but in the future I wouldn’t expect to see Miller over-signing players. It’s just not his style.

So here is IU’s present situation.

With Collin Hartman opting to come back for one more season, and with no other seniors on last year’s team, that means you had all 13 scholarship players plus walk-on Zach McRoberts returning.

Add in the three signed recruits and you’re up to 16 players that you’re working off of.

When OG Anunoby opted to enter the draft with an agent that got the IU number down to 15.

With three other players in the draft without signing agents, two of them would have to stay out or the situation gets more interesting.

And I’d say there’s a decent chance that both James Blackmon Jr. and Thomas Bryant stay out. That wouldn’t surprise me a bit. At the same time, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if either or both return.

The challenging part comes if they both return because I’m pretty sure that the third – Robert Johnson -- will be back for his senior season.

But if that were to happen then there might be some difficult conversations with a few IU players.

At this time, there’s no point in really speculating. We need to keep a close eye the next few weeks on what shakes out with Bryant and Blackmon in particular. If one or both return to school, then there will be plenty of time to speculate just what Miller has in mind.

But Moore’s recommitment Sunday night certainly made things a little more interesting.

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