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The Next Level Teacher Compensation Commission released its report in mid-December. All Hoosiers should be interested in what it did and did not say about teacher pay, along with recommendations they offered. I begin with some stark observations about education finance.

WILMINGTON, Del. — President-elect Joe Biden on Monday outlined his plans to alleviate economic inequality and boost the U.S. economy but said any structural reforms depend first on reining in the coronavirus pandemic.

It is election season, and voters are right to consider issues of taxes and spending. Of course, fiscal policy isn’t the only consideration of electoral decisions. Still, fiscal policy matters, and we should be honest with ourselves about the effects of contrasting policies. I begin with a few unassailable facts.

Most every chat I have about the U.S. economy inevitably turns to the size of the national debt. Of course, this used to be an issue that mattered to those who called themselves conservatives, but that was in an earlier, more innocent time. Before I lament the recent dissolution of reason on this issue, it’s important to explain how the debt does and does not matter.

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