Board members of the Cass County Council on Aging, Senior Center and Cass Area Transit recently announced to staff that fares would increase. This was shortly before demoting my mother, 20-plus-year executive director Sue Hoehler, and cutting by two-thirds a salary they had previously assigned her. What are the underlying implications and who might benefit from the actions of this board?

A public transit system such as Cass Area Transit is not simply bestowed upon every community with a handbook. It is an asset unique to Cass County. Several years of long hours were required to create it. Cass Area Transit exists because of Sue Hoehler. It is not a pre-packaged government program that she was assigned to manage. The Indiana Department of Transportation refers to Hoehler’s work at Cass Area Transit as the best in the state. Other transit systems in the region look to her for advice. The community is unaware of these accolades because Hoehler is not a self-promoter. Her action has been out of concern for those she sees walking to work in the cold, and she has likely not stopped to consider the positive impact her work has made on the local economy.

Hoehler’s tireless efforts have benefitted tens of thousands of people.

Hoehler has created a successful, low-cost, public transit system that helps support the economy of a small town by providing transportation for a population that includes low-income earners, elderly persons and persons with disabilities. Few people give thought to how Cass Area Transit gets others to jobs that support their own lifestyles, or how Cass Area Transit transports community members to spend money that helps sustain medical services, grocery stores and recreational areas in the community. The entire county has benefitted economically from the existence of this transit system.

Whatever her board’s motivation, the disrespect with which they are treating Ms. Hoehler is appalling. With a fellow board member calling into question their actions, it is reasonable to ask whether INDOT will trust them with over a million dollars of pre-approved stimulus funds.

Meanwhile, though they assign the service provider, county commissioners are content to sacrifice Cass Area Transit to the judgment of a board that refuses mediation and exhibits gross deviation from appropriate protocol, rather than consider concerns expressed by the individual who systematically created it over 20 years.

Stephanie Jackson, Mobile, Ala.

Winamac suffers higher gas prices

In regards to Charly Small’s opinion (Pharos-Tribune, June 6), travel just 25 miles north on U.S. 35 to Winamac, but don’t come on an empty tank.

Charly, we are almost always higher in gas prices compared to Logansport. Look at the gas price comparison in the Pharos-Tribune. When I travel to Kokomo or Lafayette, I always get gas in those areas because it is normally 15 to 20 cents cheaper.

When I don’t travel that far, I usually get my gas in Logan, which is usually 5 cents cheaper than Winamac.

The distributor to most of these area stations lives in Winamac — you would think that he would give his hometown a break and maybe he does, but you can’t tell it when buying gas at the Winamac stations.

Happy monitoring, Charly!

Kenny Hurlburt, Star City

Tea party aims to oust radicals

A letter to the Public Forum (Pharos-Tribune, June 6) took exception to some comments I made in my last letter. It stated we should really examine the issues, so let’s do that.

First, any opinions I give are my own. When I said Joe Donnelly “ignored our wishes and voted for Obama’s socialist takeover of our healthcare,” the “our” refers to the overwhelming majority of voters here in district 2 who opposed Obama care. “Our” representatives are expected to stand “with the majority” on every issue. That’s what democracy is.

The article stated we needed to examine the real scholarly meaning of socialism so here is the dictionary definition: “Socialism: The economic doctrine, there should be public ownership and operation of the principle means of production and distribution of wealth and an equitable apportionment of opportunity and of the rewards of labor; The orthodox doctrine, based largely on the writings of Karl Marx, a practical application of this doctrine under which the government owns and operates all principle industries; the desire to effect reform by co-operative effort, opposite of individualism.”

It was suggested, “I don’t mean listening to the tea party, Fox News or any of the other conservative talking heads. I mean using ‘real’ scholarly sources.”

It seems the liberal view prefers the philosophy of Karl Marx, the father of communism!

I, for one, am proud and humbled to be linked to the tea parties, to Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. Glenn is the Paul Revere of today, and Sean is the active leader of the movement to defeat Obama’s radical, socialist agenda.

Our fundraising drive to support Jackie Walorski against traitor Joe Donnelly as our next U.S. representative and to support Dan Coats as our next U.S. senator is gaining momentum, but we still have a long way to go. Everyone wishing to support Tea Party Loganland in our drive to put America back on the right track may send donations to Tea Party Loganland, PO Box 1302, Logansport IN 46947.

Steve Kitchel, founder, Tea Party Loganland

Fox analysts lack credibility

The fact that Mr. Stetz (Pharos-Tribune, June 10) quoted Rev. Al Sharpton just reinforces my point about members of the tea party being uninformed. First of all, Sharpton is an extremist that most educated people do not take seriously. The fact that Fox uses him to counter-point talking heads like Bill O’Reilly further proves my point about the lack of credibility of the Fox News network.

I wonder if Mr. Stetz was being facetious when he referred to Rev. Sharpton as “that extreme right-wing radical?” Rev. Sharpton would probably take offense to being referred to as right-wing, or would he? Sharpton is a self-proclaimed Democrat (which would be considered left-wing), but his reactionism actually puts him on the right.

Either way, he certainly doesn’t speak for me, nor do I take him seriously. He isn’t even credible enough to get an occasional laugh.

Anyway, you all keep believing the United States is becoming socialist if you want. I believe it is cyclical, and if you look back through our history, you can’t miss the ebb and flow of economic and governmental cycles.

Finally, I agree that it is good to have informed and educated discussion and for more people to be involved in these discussions.

That is what our Founders intended, but they feared the involvement of the uninformed, misinformed and uneducated as well.

Bobbi Fisher, Logansport

Maybe other wars should be included

Concerning your story on efforts to find a local contractor for the Cass County Roll of Honor (Pharos-Tribune, May 31), I am not a vet, but I appreciate what our vets have done, do and will be doing.

Maybe the focus for bids should include future recognition for not only World War II, but the Korean, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts as well as any future conflicts or any lives lost in the name of freedom for the USA and others.

Thank you for your news article.

Larry Crockett, Logansport

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