Information gathering a must regarding wind turbines

You will soon be faced with a decision concerning the wind turbines in your county. There are many things to consider and doing research will help you reach the correct decision. There are so many statements said but so much of it is false. Please arm yourself with true information.

We have been approached by Renewable Energy Systems (RES) to possibly install a wind turbine on our farm. Before signing anything, we traveled to Benton County and talked to three farmers with the turbines, questioned them at length about the negative aspects of the turbines. They all were very happy with the company they were with and had no ill effects. It did not decrease their evaluation of their farm and provided extra income. After all, it is their property.

We then talked to residents who were near the turbines but did not own the property the turbines were on. One resident had one complaint which was their television reception and the turbine company solved that problem. Therefore they had no further complaints.

We then did research on the Internet about health issues, noise problems, etc. and found nothing negative. Perhaps those statements by attendees at meetings to the contrary are scare tactics and unproven.

We have talked many times with RES about the flashing red light at the top. They will not have a constant flashing red light — they will flash only when a plane is in the area. We also heard statements about the height of the turbines. What is the problem? Then we have heard complaints about the landscape being ruined by the turbines. We have many unsightly things which impact the landscape, like the large electric towers through the fields and along the roads. Unfortunately there are many properties which are unsightly.

We spent many evenings at ballgames at Tippy Valley sitting near their wind turbine and once in a while heard a slight whoosh sound. But not often. The school's superintendent, Brett Boggs, was interviewed by the Rochester Sentinel stating many benefits to the school. He said the corporation saves about $150,000 per year on electricity costs due to the turbine and receives $5,000 in energy credits per year — and if the turbine makes more energy than needed, they make a small amount of money also.

He also stated they had never had a blade breakdown in the six years that it had been in use. Mr. Boggs in his article stated the funds from the turbines in the county could greatly help the rural schools, such as Caston and North Miami. Unfortunately his article did not appear in the paper until after a vote was taken.

There are so many false statements coming from various people which affected the results in Fulton County. Please examine the true facts and do research. It will definitely benefit your counties.

Ted and Markie Edwards, taxpayers for 56 years in Miami County, now taxpayer in Fulton County.

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