Remembering Inntiquity as musical retreat

Every year for the past seven or eight years in the late winter/early spring there has been a gathering of musician friends at Inntiquity called “Innfest.” We called it that because there was a group of musicians who always ended up spending most of their time conducting or attending workshops at music festivals when what they really wanted to do was just “jam.”

We attended an “Unfest” that was just that — an unstructured weekend gathering of musicians. I suggested we could do the same thing, somewhat scaled down in size, at Inntiquity, and Innfest was born. As a midway point between Ohio and Michigan, Inntiquity was perfect, and George, Lee and Leslie let us practically take over the B&B for our weekend. We had swing music in the breakfast room several years — keyboard, guitar, and fiddle; reels and Irish polkas in the dining room. Naps on the couches in the “lobby,” great conversations in the bar. The ambiance of Inntiquity made the gathering extraordinary.

The woodwork in Inntiquity was amazing — a grand example of the carpenters’ art. The antiques and woodwork made a perfect background for traditional musical instruments and it was possible to imagine yourself in another time and place. 

Inntiquity was a great place to play music — for a while Pete and I played for dinners there and through the years we played for many different occasions. One year John Watson, a harpist from Battleground, and I played for a wedding in the lobby — the bride came down the stairway from the library — the sun was shining in the windows like a cathedral. 

The Logansport Rose Society always had their May meeting at Inntiquity — Norway gardens brought hundreds of plants in to show the Society the new varieties for the year. For that meeting the dining room was filled with flowers — but George always had flowers for the tables there — whatever was blooming around the Inn. 

Our Extension Homemakers Club sometimes had meetings in the small dining room — great food in elegant surroundings served on lovely china — always a treat.

So many memories ...

Sara Walthery


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