Online schooling right choice for son with cerebral palsy

My son, AJ, was born premature and has cerebral palsy, which causes him to have seizures in high-stress environments. Before starting classes at his brick-and-mortar school, I was worried for his well-being in a new place. Unfortunately, my fears became a reality when AJ started having seizures at a high frequency. I knew that for the sake of his health, we needed to try something else.

I came across online schooling and decided to enroll AJ to see how he’d adjust. Quickly, I saw how much of an impact the right school can have on a kid.

At Indiana Digital Learning School, AJ is excelling beyond my wildest expectations. Most importantly, now that he is in a place with less stress, his seizures happen less frequently and he doesn’t have to worry about having one in front of classmates. Now, he’s able to focus on his classes and grades. Along the way he’s been helped by phenomenal teachers who work one-on-one with their students no matter their disabilities or abilities. Having this level of support has boosted his confidence and makes him excited to learn again.

Thanks to the opportunities AJ’s had with online school, our family’s lives have been changed for the better. As parents send their kids back to school for the new year, I encourage them to consider this alternative. Having this option truly saved my son’s life and set him up on a path to success. And it can provide the same opportunities for many more.

Candida York, Wheatfield

Thanks for help with hot dog eating contest

We crowned our sixth Cass County Hot Dog Eating Contest champion, sponsored by the Cass County Democratic Party, at the Taste of Cass County on Saturday, Aug. 11. Officer Cody Scott, from the Logansport Police Depart, nudged out Stoney Ellis by half of a hot dog to win this year’s event! They were closely followed by Coty Wilson, Travis Campbell and Anthony Byervine.

Only one report of heartburn from the contestants at this time!

We want to thank the Taste of Cass County for another wonderful event this year. The weather was perfect and a good time was had by all. A special thanks to Amelio’s on the River for serving up the hot dogs and to Klosterman Bakery for supplying the buns for the contest. Good job to the audience as well who cheered the contestants on. This was the best attendance we have had in the six years we have hosted the contest.

Lastly, thank you to our Cass County Democratic Party judges and spotters for the event: Former Mayor John Davis, City Councilman Scott Peattie, Mayor Dave Kitchell, Carl McPherson and Cindy White.

Good job all! We look forward to hosting the 7th Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest next year.

Paul Ulerick, Cass County Democratic Party Event Chair

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