WSP looks forward to being valued neighbor

[The Pharos-Tribune] recently published an impassioned letter from Malcolm Jarrell highlighting all the many reasons Logansport is a desirable place to live.

We agree.

Waelz Sustainable Products is owned by two fourth-generation, family-owned businesses and we know that what is good for our employees and their families is good for our communities.

Contrary to what project detractors contend, we are committed to sustainability, environmental stewardship and the recycling of zinc — an essential nutrient — from furnace dust that would otherwise end up in a landfill. The furnace dust in turn comes from making steel, discarded washing machines, cars and many other common consumer products we are all familiar with.

We look forward to being a valued neighbor and employer in Logansport. We will be providing good paying and steady careers to many households and families, with jobs paying an average of $49,000 per year — roughly 35% higher than local average annual wage — with an excellent benefits package; and that does not include the jobs created during the construction of the project.

Our similar facility in Alabama is a source of community pride and a significant contributor to local restaurants, businesses, the school system, churches, property values and other important areas.

The coronavirus restrictions have unfortunately prevented us from having in-person meetings to discuss the plant with the community, although a WSP representative attended three public meetings the week of March 16 and answered questions from interested attendees for about an hour.

We look forward to having that public meeting very soon — targeting early June and perhaps virtual town halls before then — to discuss the many ways we believe WSP is part of that very future Mr. Jarrell envisions, changing the trajectory for the better. We hope he and other interested citizens will be part of that dialogue.

In the meantime, we are posting details about the facility and answers to frequent questions at

Darci Ackerman, senior vice president of growth and new ventures and director of research and development at Heritage Environmental Services, LLC.

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