As the tea party has gained a power of voice, there seem to be those who to try to knock the new voice of average Americans down. Mr. Spangler seems to like bashing the tea party and seems to want to bring me into his party of bashing letters.  

It looked like Mr. Spangler (Pharos-Tribune, Sept. 15) had no clue what I was talking about on Sept. 8. First, I was talking about scooters, not motorbikes. There is a difference! 

The minor children riding scooters on the streets without a helmet, and the parents letting them do so was my point. My point might have been to make parent's think! Is that so wrong? 

I attended a tea party to see what it was about, being approached by the press I stated. “The federal government is getting too big.” I never said anything about the state or local government.  

Let's say just if the city of Logansport did have a helmet law for the minors who ride the scooters, Mr. Spangler. Would that mean we need a bigger city government for enforcing that law? No! What's your point?

Besides, it might be enforced about as much as the federal government’s illegal immigration law in this city, state and country! I really do don’t know, but maybe you’re one of the stupid parents who lets their minor child ride a scooter without a helmet and what I said upset you.  

If I had to guess, you might be a Democrat and you are trying to tag me as a tea partier, or Republican?

The truth is I am a independent. I vote for people in all three parties, not just one! I am a person for choice, not one party.  

When it comes to politics, you have the choice of voting for who you want, but most people just pull one lever, and it makes life easy. Just like those who have easy parenting skills who would not ever think of making their minor child ware a helmet. After all we live in a non-accidental world!

Do we need the government to hold our hand at all times? They seem to be wanting to squeeze it more and more, and you seem to be all for that, Mr. Spangler. Sorry, not me!

Larry Hayden


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