Time for public quarrel to end

I would hope the Pharos-Tribune would grow tired of allowing Mayor Kitchell and Ted Franklin to use the paper to continue fighting over these repeated topics of disagreement. I’m sure I am, and I imagine quit a few others are also tired of reading about their differences.

I would hope the Pharos-Tribune would have the wisdom to understand these arguments will never end and there are much better things they can publish.

One suggestion I would like to offer is let’s put the two men (and I use the word “men” with great hesitation because their more like spoiled two-year-olds) in a boxing ring and let them slug it out and leave the public out of their continued bantering.

Bob Curry, Logansport

Pro-life, pro-death, and pro-nada

After opposing abortion for several years I have concluded that there are no less than three unique positions regarding abortion.

As an abolitionist, I align with the pro-life stance, I oppose the pro-choice (pro-death) position, and really oppose the pro-nada (pro-nothing) charade, which pretends to be pro-life while refusing to defend the life it claims to cherish. In other words, the pro-nada proponent is basically pro-death, with the additional flaw that he lacks the daring to defend his indefensible position.

For example, representative Curt Nisly introduced the Protection at Conception bill in 2017, and again in 2018, to protect all pre-born babies from the moment of conception to natural death, but representative Ben Smaltz, House Speaker Brian Bosma’s hand-picked chair of the House Public Policy Committee, refused to give the bill a hearing or a vote.

Smaltz and Bosma are two typical pro-nadas. Ask them why they failed to support the Protection at Conception Bill, and they will bombard you boatloads of bombastic oratory, but no valid justification for allowing 8,000 Hoosier babies to die while they struggled with the misconception of just what it means to be pro-life.

How many more Hoosier babies must die before our lackluster pro-nada legislators gather up the guts to do the right thing?

The only way Indiana will pass the Protection at Conception legislation is if enough pro-life champions contact their representatives at the Statehouse and demand that we abolish abortion immediately.

Please support life at www.Hoosiers4life.com.

Jim Arnold, Muncie

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