WSP will help state globally

Indiana has made wonderful strides in creating an economic climate that will lead to growth. A business such as the proposed state-of-the-art Waelz Sustainable Products (WSP) facility in Cass County will be an excellent addition in Hoosier business footprint and help Indiana to continue to compete globally.

With an investment of $110 million and a substantial annual payroll of $4.5 million, WSP will be a significant source of economic activity in central Indiana. Creating 90 new, permanent, good-paying jobs, with a starting average salary of $49,000 – 35% higher than the average salary in the region – WSP will be a major employer for hardworking Hoosier families.

WSP will support the Midwest metals sector by providing a sustainable, environmentally sound manufacturing solution for zinc-rich emission control dust from the electric arc furnaces operated by steel mini-mills in our region. Zinc is widely used in numerous applications such as animal feed, galvanizing (i.e., protecting) steel, tire and rubber, ceramics, lubricants, motor oil, ointments, cold remedies and cosmetics.

WSP represents a bridge between our manufacturing and heavy industrial heritage and a future based on green, sustainable business. Cass County has the opportunity to showcase WSP as an example of sustainable economic development – helping grow the local and state economy with jobs of the future.

It is our hope that WSP will be a beacon and attract other sustainable businesses to the area and our state.

Brian Burton, president, Indiana Manufacturers Association

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