Gas prices an issue, even during COVID-19 scare

With oil prices down, how can every other city’s gas station charge way less than Logansport’s? I was told they pay the same retail price.

I would guess it’s because our station owners may be just a little greedy — plus they ban together to keep gas prices absolute. Maybe one is not in that clan because last weekend all Logansport stations where at $1.99 but I paid $1.59 at the station 3-4 miles west of the city on the Hoosier Heartland Highway.

Lately at, Logansport has been on average 15-20 cents higher than Kokomo, Peru, Galveston, Walton, Fulton and Monticello.

As of March 24 at 4 p.m., Logan’s highest gas price included eight stations at $1.99, with the lowest one at $1.94. In Kokomo, the highest three were priced at $1.79, with the lowest eight at $1.74. In Fulton, gas was $1.79. Peru’s highest price was $1.74 and its lowest was $1.65. Monticello’s highest price was $1.84 and its lowest was $1.79. Both Galvestion stations were at $1.88. And Walton was at $1.81.

I know we’re not supposed to travel a lot during the governor’s stay-at-home order, but we’re allowed travel to buy gas — and I buy my gas outside of Logansport.

Charly Small, Logansport

Intimidation reprehensible regardless of its source

I am responding to Mercedes Brugh’s letter to the editor headlined, “Intimidation has no place in Democracy.”

With regard to the specific incident of intimidation she cited, I have every reason to believe she has described it accurately. If so, then such intimidation is reprehensible. So bravo, Mercedes!

I hope she would join me in condemning other incidents of intimidation, such as:

1) Physical violence by ANTIFA in cities such as Portland and San Francisco;

2) Legal and verbal intimidation of of conservative students and faculty at Universities across the country; and

3) Employer retribution against employees who voice politically incorrect opinions.

Truly, intimidation by anyone has no place in our democracy.

Michael Stajduhar, Logansport

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