Advice for new administration

Congratulations to Chris Martin, Jonathan Nelms and Jake LeDonne. Relish your 15 minutes, then get to work. Some food for thought …

Much like you, four years ago I, along with five other council members, the mayor and the clerk treasurer had just been elected to city government for the first time with no idea what to do next. Big plans, some supporters, many detractors — but NO CLUE!

Your task is even more difficult because that group came with many years of real-world experience and I think we accomplished some really good things. So what I would tell you is: Being new to this doesn’t mean it can’t be done. You will soon see that running city government can be a fulfilling experience or a massive weight on your shoulders. You are now responsible for $10 million of other people’s money and everything from chickens roaming free in neighborhoods to catastrophic fires. Please learn everything that you can as quickly as you can. Stay humble but stay hungry.

I believe what success our group had was due to a true love for our community and a respect for one another. Politics should never influence a decision that you make for the citizens of Logansport. We were very fortunate that Teresa Popejoy, the only Republican, was reelected and remained on the council with us. She was a wealth of knowledge and common sense that we needed and depended upon often — so much so that six Democrats reelected her as the council president three years straight. The first thing she said after welcoming us with open arms was, no matter how much we disagree behind closed doors, when we leave the room we leave the disagreements behind. We respected one another.

You have that same resource in Dave Morris. Use it! Reach out. You have former mayors, council members, business leaders, Bill Cuppy at CLEDO, Scott Kraud at the Redevelopment Commission and many other experienced people willing to teach and listen. Use them all. I certainly did.

You’ve taken on a huge responsibility. I hope you realize that. I always reminded myself that many more people did not vote for me than did and those are the ones you will hear from. Do what is right for the majority of citizens. That is all anyone can ask. And realize you can do all these things and still have it taken away in four years. It is the nature of politics. Believe it or not, there are already people planning on it.

This is your time. I want nothing but great things for our city and so I wish you all much success. If I can help I will.

Again, congrats and enjoy the ride. I certainly did.

Terry Doran, Logansport

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