Proponents of a more stringent noise ordinance are hoping that the boom-boom of car stereos will soon be a thing of the past in Logansport neighborhoods.

We’re hoping they’re right.

The city council’s public safety committee last week put forward a proposed ordinance that would dramatically increase the penalty for violations.

Although the current ordinance calls for a fine of up to $50, the city’s practice has been to impose a fine of $25. Under the revised ordinance, the fine for a first offense would rise to $150. A second offense could bring a fine of $250.

But the plan doesn’t stop there.

The committee noted that police in the past three years had issued 285 citations, many of which were never collected. Though the city attorney is working to collect those fines, the money collected won’t cover the expense.

Thus, the committee suggests language to make violators who fail to pay their fines within 30 days responsible for any administrative costs and court fees associated with collection.

Committee members also suggested using the revenue from the increased fees to pay overtime for officers to look for violators.

No one can deny that noise ordinances are difficult to enforce.

The offending speakers are installed in moving vehicles. By the time a police officer can respond to a complaint, the violator is often long gone.

Still, we applaud the committee for trying to give police the tools they need to go after violators.

Not much is more irritating than the thump, thump, thump of a car stereo breaking the solitude of a summer evening. City council members should move ahead with this proposal.

And those who are the targets of its provisions might want to think about turning down the volume. The cost of rattling the neighbors’ windows is about to go up.

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