LHS made the right decision

Despite what some in the community think, Logansport High School’s move to the Hoosier Conference starting in the 2024-25 school year has been mostly favorable amongst LHS fans, coaches and athletes. The pushback in the community tends to come from those who want to preserve the tradition of the crumbling North Central Conference.

It’s been time to leave the NCC for several years now and I will give you reasons:

1. The NCC was put together in 1923 at a time before the suburbs began to grow. Nearly every other conference in the state’s schools are in proximity to each other. This move will bring travel down 51% for LHS athletic teams.

2. The school sizes in the NCC recently included two 6A schools, two 5A schools, and bigger 4A schools. The size of these schools has left Logansport at a manpower disadvantage at times.

3. Logansport is a 4A school, but in terms of participation in athletics LHS is more along the lines of a small 3A school. In June the IHSAA will vote on potentially changing the class distribution, which would make LHS a 3A school. Eight of the teams in the HC compete in class 3A. Central Catholic in class 1A is the lone exception.

4. Attendance in the NCC, in particular on the road, has been nonexistent in most sports. Kokomo in men’s basketball this year was the exception not the rule. The HC teams do a nice job of bringing road fans with the short road trips.

5. It is common for teams in the NCC to struggle to field JV teams and in some cases varsity teams in several sports. This will not be an issue in the Hoosier Conference as the programs in that league have excellent participation and organization.

6. The change will not be a huge difference for LHS athletes as LHS already plays 4 to 5 HC teams regularly in most sports.

7. With the potential change to 3A coming in June, Logansport could find themselves playing against future sectional opponents during the conference schedule.

8. The travel times of the NCC can be long hours for high school athletes. For example, the LHS baseball team recently left at 6AM for an NCC tournament series at Richmond and got home around midnight. Students sometimes must leave school early to accommodate the NCC’s travel distances.

Blake Isaacs, Logansport

Gun violence won’t end

Here is why Republicans don’t give a whit about stopping AR-15-gun sales and mass shooting events in America.

First, gun sales are business transactions, and Republicans are more committed to business freedom than freedom of speech or freedom of the press, or any other freedom.

Second, Republicans feel they are in a life-or-death struggle with big government liberals. In war there are no rules, and truth is the first casualty. There is no longer any such thing among Republicans as gentlemanly compromise on issues or honest evaluation of current events. Their policies relating to abortion, guns, public schools, elections, and evangelical fundamentalism cannot be changed any more than a leopard can change its spots.

Third, Republicans are committed to bringing a two-tier society to America: the rich aristocracy having special economic and political privileges; and the middle class/working poor having whatever the aristocracy grants to them. Big guns help the rich make the point that we are now in a brute force political modality where the rich will enforce their will at every turn against the great body of the American people.

Fourth, AR-15 active shooter events in public schools are not a problem because wealthy Republicans are moving their kids into private schools and will protect them from violence there.

Kimball Shinkoskey, West Cross, Utah

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