Logansport has a trail system it can be proud of. Let’s all pledge to take care of it, and keep it safe for everyone.

Mercedes Brugh, one of the driving forces behind it, calls the trail system a part of the community commons, a place for people to gather. That’s an appropriate image, and with the arrival of warm weather, it’s an objective reality.

The trails are a great place to get some exercise, and it’s wonderful to see lots of folks out using them. We’ve seen walkers, runners, bicyclists and roller bladers all competing for space on the trails.

There’s no need to panic. There’s plenty of room for everyone if we all keep our wits about us. Be courteous, and follow the rules of the road. Slower traffic should keep to the right. If you’re coming up behind slower traffic, make yourself known so that you don’t startle your fellow trail users.

Don’t hesitate to take the kids. An afternoon hike can be fun for the whole family, but it’s critical that parents keep an eye out for small children.

By all means, bring the dog along, but keep him on a leash, and make sure you have control of him. Fun on the trail can turn sour pretty quickly if someone gets hurt.

Every year, the trail system gets better, and there are plans under way for further improvements.

The city parks department’s master plan calls for more than 16 miles of trails around the city of Logansport. The proposed trails will also connect other county trail systems, including the Pan Handle Pathway that extends north to Winamac and the Nickel Plate Trail that will head east to Miami County.

A dedicated corps of volunteers has spent countless hours out picking up trash, clearing a pathway and planting vegetation along the various trails.

We all have a role to play in maintaining these community assets. If you have trash, throw it in a trash can, and if you see trash along the trail, toss that into a trash can, too.

Please do your part to protect these community treasures for future generations.

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