Logansport could get around trash fee

It is ironic that Bob Bishop, who submitted multiple letters attacking our administration when I was in office, is now attacking the candidate from his own party he supported. Further irony: He takes no responsibility for it.

It’s also ironic that he claims the city has a spending problem. On his watch, the city General Fund plummeted. I and city council members were advised by a financial analyst that had his spending trends continued, the city would have been broke by 2018.

During his tenure, as both a city council member and a redevelopment commission member, he brought zero economic development to the Heartland, which many of us worked for more than a decade to bring to Logansport. The one project he started — the 18th and Main intersection — proved to be 600 percent over budget on limestone extraction. We secured additional funding from INDOT, but the city also had to pay additional money to complete a project.

The trash fee? It’s really the Bishop Fee now. On his watch, the council approved a $400,000 appropriation to S.G. Preston to establish a waste-to-energy plant here. More than $399,000 of that money was appropriated and the city has nothing to show for it. Attorneys the city employed, including Indianapolis attorneys, should have known better and demanded reimbursement for the city. Our administration re-established that responsibility with the clerk-treasurer’s office.

Logansport could get around the trash fee. I proposed expanding trash services to include portions of Cass County, a move that would raise revenue and reduce the overhead of trash costs. The Martin Administration elected not to work that hard. I also would have pursued federal grant funding the Cass County Solid Waste District was told we could secure for the new trash toters.

And, had the Cass County Fire District agreed to share staffing and equipment to eliminate unnecessary redundancy, we would have more money to pay for trash.

Hindsight has 20/20 vision. Blind sight has no vision.

Dave Kitchell, former Logansport mayor

U.S. court system is anything but ‘equal’

It is time to call a spade a spade and dispel the ridiculous notion of the phrase “Equal Justice Under Law”.

Courts across the country including the Supreme Court of the United States demonstrate that there is no such thing in the eyes of the courts. For example, the United States Supreme Court, by rule, Rule 28(8), expressly forbids unrepresented litigants from participating in the oral argument process. The rule dictates that “Oral arguments may be presented only by members of the Bar of this Court.”

In other words, unrepresented litigants who have paid the hefty filing fees for their cases are not allowed to orally argue their cases to the Supreme Court. And yet, the phrase “EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW” is engraved above the front entrance of the United States Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C. What hypocrisy!

What is so “equal” about taking peoples’ money for filing fees and then having a rule that does not allow them to participate in the oral argument process that lawyers are allowed to participate in? Also, courts routinely allow lawyers to bypass the rules of not bringing cell phones into the courtrooms, but at the same time disallow unrepresented litigants from doing so.

What is so “equal” about that type of judicial conduct? Most courts allow lawyers to file papers electronically while at the same time disallow unrepresented litigants from doing so in order that they will have to pay money for copying costs and mailing costs to file their documents while the opposing lawyers get to do it for free.

What is so “equal” about that type of judicial conduct? The Indiana Supreme Court allows lawyers to file court papers in disregard of the rules while at the same time rejects filings by unrepresented litigants who may inadvertently submit a document for filing that may not be in compliance with the rules.

What is so “equal” about that type of judicial conduct? This is hardly “Equal Justice Under Law”. Let’s be honest and call it what it is, it is actually judicial discrimination, and it takes place in every level of our judicial system! It is very sad that the very branch of our government, the judiciary, that is the very branch of government charged with the responsibility of protecting our rights, is the very branch of government that is systematically denying our rights.

Brian Vukadinovich, Wheatfield

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