The Cass County Family Y received a $125,000 donation on Friday courtesy of Steinberger Construction.

The Y kicked off a multi-million dollar campaign last year to fund a renovation project that seeks to update the building’s interior and exterior, make parts of the building more multi-functional and improve the layout and functionality of the building overall.

Matt Lewellen, president of Steinberger Construction, said that roughly 10 years ago the company set up an account through the Cass County Community Foundation to donate a percentage of their revenue every year to local nonprofits in the community.

“This isn’t just us up here — it’s every one of you that makes this happen,” Lewellen said. “We have been looking for an opportunity like this to make a big impact in our community.”

Lewellen said the company looked at different areas in which they could make an impact but ultimately settled upon “health and wellness.”

“The Cass County YMCA started a capital campaign and one of their big initiatives is health and wellness in the community,” Lewellen said. “So, today, as a company, we are presenting Cass County Family YMCA with a check for $125,000. We believe these renovations will help build health and wellness within our youth and all of Cass County.”

The renovations at the Y will include windows from the ground floor to the roof line on much of the building’s exterior along East Broadway and a new glass entrance lobby.

Derreck Parkevich, Cass County Family Y executive director, said that currently the Y experiences certain challenges including no identifiable main entrance, a lack of multi-functional spaces, locker room challenges for seniors and families, bottleneck at the entry desk and unused space for much of the day in certain areas of the building.

“We are so thankful to receive this gift from Steinberger Construction,” Parkevich said. The leadership team at Steinberger Construction has once again stepped up to support efforts to help make our community a great place to live and work. With their enormous gift, it moves the Y even closer to achieving our campaign goal and being able to provide a modernized YMCA that our community can be proud of.”

Parkevich said that the planned renovation will decrease crowding during peak hours, improve the building’s overall layout and allow Y staff to create the kinds of multi-purpose multi-functional spaces they need.

Brian Morrill, capital campaign chair, expressed his gratitude for the leadership Steinberger Construction displays in the community.

“We’re grateful to have their commitment to this project and their help in ensuring the Y’s future service to our community,” said Morrill. “They lead by example and encourage their employees to make a positive impact where they live.”

Over the years, Steinberger Construction has also contributed to United Way, American Cancer Society and more with their charity efforts.

The Cass County Family Y currently serves about 4,000 members and another 2,000 individuals in its programs throughout the year.

The Y reached a $3 million milestone of fundraising back in January of this year. They have now raised $3.3 million of their $3.5 million goal.

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