Buying the big barn-like building on Market Street was the next logical step for Abby Miller.

She has been licensed in real estate since 2014 and working in the Lafayette area before starting Homestead Realty Group in Logansport in 2017.

“I was born and was raised in Cass County. I live in Cass County,” she said.

So it made sense to work here, rather than drive the 45 minutes to her job. She worked out of her home for a while, then began looking for a place where she could meet people privately and solidly base her business here.

And the red building at 2429 E. Market St. that had formerly been Rex Byers Heating & Cooling, a dry cleaner and a restaurant seemed right, especially with the real estate mantra of location, location, location.

“Location-wise, I think it’s one of the best in town,” Miller said. It’s central and on a busy street, where people see it. “If you’re from Logansport, you know it,” she said.

The business will focus mostly on residential listings in Cass County and the surrounding counties, although Miller will also handle commercial and farm properties.

Right now, Miller is her company’s sole realtor, although she has another agent coming in around autumn after she completes her license.

She also handles some rental management and is open to doing more, she said.

There’s room in the new office for up to four agents, but that’s not a priority.

“I don’t see that happening immediately,” Miller said.

Real estate in Logansport — and just about everywhere — is a sellers’ market, she said. The average family house stays on the market one to two days, although higher priced ones last longer than that.

However, for the buyers, interest rates are still low, which is good for them, she said.

Most of her clients are younger, but Miller is getting a wide variety of buyers. For people wanting their own home, many first-time buyers don’t know what to expect.

Miller said a realtor can help, but first buyer should get pre-approved, which has different choices.

“There are options out there with no money down,” she said.

With the loan secured, buyer will have an idea what they can afford and can tell the realtor what they’re looking for and be prepared to make an offer.

“Buyers have got to be ready. They’ve got to be pre-approved,” she said.

Miller hopes to take the stress out of the process.

“I just want to go out and help each and every person go out and obtain the American dream — home ownership,” Miller said.

The rental market is also a landlord’s market now. “Rental prices are up there,” she said.

And people are looking.

“It seems every day, people are wanting a rental, needing a rental,” she said.

However, in commercial properties, “there are plenty of options out there for business owners,” she said.

Miller said the mall reopening would also be a good thing for businesses because it’ll benefit the economy, which already is seeing restaurant and boutique businesses.

“I can see Logansport growing,” she said. “I know a lot of people say Logansport doesn’t have a lot to offer — we do.”

For those looking for Homestead, the barn will remain fairly unchanged and as east to spot as ever. She plans to add lighting for when the windows aren’t enough light and perhaps add some dividers. The industrial look inside where the heating and cooling ductwork is visible will stay the same.

“I don’t plan on changing anything too much, inside or out,” she said.

The barn look fits the Homestead name and is a reminder of her farm upbringing, she added.

Homestead Realty Group’s can be reached at 765-202-0157.

Reach James D. Wolf Jr. at or 574-732-5117.

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