Logansport police arrested three people over the weekend after interrupting a burglary at the State Theater in downtown Logansport.

At 3:13 a.m., an officer on routine patrol noticed a suspicious-looking person wearing a hooded sweatshirt near the Mike Anderson Chrysler dealership. While speaking to him, the officer saw another person take off running. He called for back up, and that officer found the front door of the State Theater open.

Officers apprehended 18-year-old Robert B. Ropes of Walton near the Salvation Army. He reportedly had three books of ticket passes to the theater in his pocket. While loading him into a squad car, an officer spotted another subject, who also fled.

Two 17-year-old males were caught in the area soon afterward. Police say all three admitted their involvement in a burglary at the theater. The three told police they got into the building through the back door.

The theater sustained extensive damage as a result of efforts to move a large safe down the stairs. An upstairs office was also ransacked in search of money.

The large safe was found in the aisle of the theater, reportedly on its way to an awaiting car. According to police, the safe had been rolled from the upstairs office and pushed down a set of stairs. The culprits reportedly placed a couch at the bottom of the stairs to catch the several-hundred pound safe as it landed. A water fountain was knocked off the wall in the process.

The culprits were unable to get into the safe, but did get money from a smaller safe and a cash register. Police found $30 in pocket of one of the juveniles. A blue bag of rolled coins, cash, food and bottled water was found in an alley near the theater.

According to Detective David Kain of the Logansport Police Department, the culprits were inside the theater for more than two hours.

An officer found two pry bars, one outside the front door.

Both juveniles are also from Walton. Their parents were present during questioning. Police said one of the youths was a 21st Century Scholar and an athlete. Both were sent to Kinsey Youth Center in Kokomo.

Ropes was booked into the Cass County Jail on charges of burglary, theft and resisting law enforcement.

The theater has been closed since Saturday. A recording on the theater’s telephone line states it is closed for repairs and will reopen today or Wednesday.

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