The Sixth Street streetscape has gotten final approvals and is ready to go, but there’s no start date set yet.

However, it will be finished by the end of this year, despite the month delay while Logansport contractor Solid Finish Construction Inc. and the city worked out details.

The Planning Department will keep the public updated before work starts, said Zoning Administrator Eric Servin.

That delay meant that the Logansport Redevelopment Commission awarded the $159,000 bid at its Aug. 28 meeting instead of its July 24 meeting.

Solid Finish was the only bidder, and Planning Department Executive Director Arin Shaver said the estimate for the work was $108,000.

It will be the last of the streetscape work — a series of projects that have been going on for more than a decade — said Logansport/Cass County Economic Development Director Bill Cuppy.

The work is to make the downtown sidewalks accessible for the disabled and more visually appealing. “And it is needed,” he said.

Last year the city finished the section of Broadway known as Banker’s Row.

Most of the streetscape work has been paid for by the Redevelopment Commission through Tax Increment Financing funds, said Cuppy. TIF funds are created by the increase in property taxes based on improvements.

The work on Sixth Street will go from the alley north of Broadway up to but not including Sixth Street Bridge.

Solid Finish will work with Logansport Municipal Utilities to place utilities underground and to provide new bases for lighting on both sides of the street. The new street lighting will match the historic style of the rest of downtown.

The contractor won’t need to replace any street corner ADA ramps that meet state standaSrds, according to the specifications summary. However, it will need to install ramps at any alleyways or driveways where they do not already exist.

Solid Finish will replace all the sidewalks between the alley north of Broadway and High Street. On the west side, it will also put in a delivery ramp for La Fiesta in front of the delivery door.

Other work includes:

• Put two tree plots — 4-by-5 foot openings for trees — in the sidewalk on the west side between the alley north of Broadway and North Street and five more between North and High Streets.

• Put six tree plots on the east sidewalk, with another five on the west sidewalk between North and High Streets and seven between High Street and the bridge.

• Put in four new areas for pedestrian crossing lights on the east side between North and High Streets but keep areas for existing streetlights and put in a spot for a new streetlight.

• Put in four areas for pedestrian lights on the west side between the alley north of Broadway to High Street and three between High Street and the bridge.

• Put in two new areas for streetlights between the alley and High Street and retain the existing spots for lights.

• Put stamped and stained concrete on both sides, similar to the rest of Sixth Street.

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