The city council will likely pass a resolution to appropriate $10,000 to equip police officers with laptop computers.

At a public safety committee meeting Thursday, Logansport Police Chief A.J. Rozzi asked for money to buy laptops for the remaining squad cars without them. The acquisition will improve response time and increase police presence, Rozzi said.

“It keeps the guys on the roads longer,” Rozzi said after the brief meeting. “It makes response time quicker, and it makes it easier for my guys to do their job out there.”

Just three council members showed up for discussion of the resolution. Councilman Scott Kraud said he expected no opposition to the measure, which is scheduled for consideration on Feb. 2.

The three laptops plus the necessary equipment have a $7,664 price tag. Labor is estimated to cost $1,500. The remaining money will cover installation of signal boosters that eliminate dead zones while patrolling the city.

Rozzi said the laptop purchases would be an upgrade in technology that coincides with the new combined 9-1-1 dispatch center. LPD officers will be able to remotely access their department’s reporting system, along with the county’s new system, which enables access to jail records for mug shots and BMV records for license checks. The programs will run simultaneously and response for records is instant.

Another feature provides immediate notification of 9-1-1 calls.

“When 9-1-1 rings into the center, it will pop up on the screen of every computer immediately that there is a 9-1-1 call coming in to dispatch and the location of that call,” Rozzi said.

That way officers can get a jump on responding.

Officers from both the city and county will also be able to send instant messages to each other, permitting communication without radios.

If the request is approved, the new laptops would bring the department to 12 squad cars equipped with the new system. Rozzi hopes to have all features installed within 30 days.

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