Brooklynn Fye

Lewis Cass High School graduate, 18

Brooklynn is the daughter of Chad and Wendy Fye. She is a recent graduate of Lewis-Cass High School where she participated in various extracurricular activities.

She was a five-year member and three-year officer of Future Farmers of America.

She was also a member of Key Club, Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), Art Club and Spanish Club and wrote for her high school’s newspaper, Kings’ Courier.

She was a four-year member and three-year captain of the girls’ varsity golf team, a two-year member of the girls’ junior-varsity basketball team and managed the boys’ varsity golf team for two years.

She wrote that one of her hobbies is raising livestock, specifically sheep. She also enjoys photography, art, videography, writing, golf, being outdoors and spending time with family and friends.

“My interests are things unseen to the human eye. They are interests that you think of, capture and create,” she wrote.

She is a frequent volunteer at her church — Galveston United Methodist Church — and at the Emmaus Mission.

She is attending Ball State University in the fall to study journalism.

Kierra Mersch

Pioneer High School graduate, 19

Kierra is the daughter of Chad Mersch and Krissy Hines. She is a 2018 graduate from Pioneer Jr. Sr. High School. She was involved in Future Farmers of America, cheerleading and swimming.

After graduating high school she received her esthetics license from Tricoci University of Beauty Culture where she completed the program in six months.

“If I could choose three words to describe myself, they would be trustworthy, hardworking and caring. Being a caregiver for two very special little boys, Sarah Cole and her husband trust me to give my full, undivided attention and unconditional love to them,” she wrote. “Ever since I was 15 and to this day, I have held a part-time job while still being involved in school sports and activities.”

She is currently an esthetician at Whitney & Company in Logansport and wants to open her own spa in the future.

“My future plans have always been to become the type of person who could help others,” she continued. “By becoming an esthetician, I not only get to help others, but I get to make that person feel beautiful on the inside and outside.”

She is an active member of the Indiana Junior Swine Circuit. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family, working, babysitting, riding horses, riding ATVs and playing Bingo.

“If I was given the honor and chosen as Miss Cass County, I would be a positive influence on my peers in several different ways. Most importantly, I would do my absolute best in making sure all my peers feel like somebody special. Attitude thrives off how a person feels on the inside, and, if I can help make any peer feel good on the inside, I know their day will be made. I would also show them hard work and dedication really does pay off in end, and to never give up on their dreams.”

Kallie Nies

Lewis Cass High School graduate, 18

Kallie is the daughter of Robert and Jennifer Nies. She is a recent graduate of Lewis Cass Jr.-Sr. High School, where she was involved in many activities including the cheerleading squad, the volleyball team and managing the baseball team. She was also a part of National Honors Society, secretary of Key Club, president of chorus, Big King Little King, SADD club and Champions Together. She is involved in 4-H and her church, All Saints Catholic Church.

She wrote, “If chosen as Miss Cass County, I could make a positive influence on my peers by showing them how to become a leader by example. I am not always an outspoken person, but leading by example shows that people can make a difference without having to be outspoken. I would also be able to be a positive influence by becoming a mentor. The program Big King Little King gave me an opportunity to become a mentor to younger kids, so I would be able to mentor or help anyone who would need it.”

She plans to attend a community college and pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

“As I nurse, I will accomplish my goal of having a positive impact on many people throughout my life span. I would like to become a nurse and help people have the assistance they need to grow. My mother has had an immense impact on becoming a nurse because she is an inspiring woman, and she is an amazing nurse.”

Natalie Shepler

Logansport High School graduate, 18

Natalie is the daughter of David and Kathleen Shepler. She is a recent graduate of Logansport High School and will be attending Purdue University in the fall to study film and video.

She works at the local custard stand, Sycamore Drive In. She also volunteers the Area 5 Special Olympics concession stand where she can also cheer on her cousin, Jenifer, while she competes. She began an internship in January at Walton Webcasting, the largest livestock broadcasting association in the nation.

She has been involved in 4-H since the second grade when she signed up for Mini 4-H and participated in as many projects as humanly possible, she wrote. Since then, she has narrowed her project choices down to shooting sports, photography, scrapbooking and showing rabbits. She has participated in these projects for the past 10 years.

“If chosen as Miss Cass County I believe I would be a positive influence on not only my peers but the younger children of Cass County. I’m always helping those having a hard time with my friendly smile and supportive words, as well as encouraging others to do the same. I am known by my peers as being the person to call. I believe this quality leads me to be open to meeting new people and spreading positivity across the greater Cass County area. As Miss Cass County I would encourage other girls to join the Little Miss, Junior Miss, and Teen Miss Cass county programs by telling them my story about the great impact that being involved in Teen Miss Cass County had on me. With my contagious smile and always optimistic mind set I believe I would hold the title of Miss Cass County with the grace and eloquence it deserves.”

She attends All Saints Church, and for the last 16 years she has been attending faith formation classes and participated in many youth group activities that benefit the less fortunate of Cass County.

In June 2018, she traveled with a mission team to the African country of Uganda where she worked in an orphanage.

She joined the Logansport Children’s Choir in the third grade and has traveled the country with them for the past nine years. While attending high school, she was a member of the Key Club, Pep Club, the tennis team, diving team, Berry Broadcast and was selected for National Honor Society. She was voted sophomore class president and has been an active member of student council since. She was the senior class vice president.

Victoriia Taylor

Pioneer High School graduate, 19

Victoriia is the daughter of Marcia and James Taylor. She graduated from Pioneer High School in 2018 and just finished her freshman year at the University of Evansville where she is studying nursing.

Her hobbies include collecting Wonder Woman items, art and creating DIYs for herself and others. She enjoys listening to music and hanging out with friends. She is also a Certified Resident Care Associate at St. Elizabeth nursing home in Delphi where she provides care to residents in the dependent wing.

If chosen as Miss Cass County, she wrote that she will encourage and support all the young 4-H’ers.

“As a young woman living in the society today, I believe that a positive attitude should be kept by everyone, always. I always put 110% in everything I do and take great pride in my work and activities. If chosen as Miss Cass County, I will encourage many young 4H members to give thanks to the community by getting involved with as many 4H activities as possible, supporting all the young for 4Hers every day. It is important for the young for 4Hers to get involved in many opportunities that the fair provides and have confidence in everything they do.”

Logan Torrey

Logansport High School graduate, 18

Logan is the daughter of Scott and Jerri Torrey. She is a recent graduate of Logansport High School and will be attending Ivy Tech Community College in the fall before transferring to a four-year college to study psychology and sociology with a special study in Christian ministries. She would like to become a behavior clinician.

While in high school, she participated in varsity cheerleading, Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) and was a homecoming queen candidate. She was the president of Sources of Strength and JAG and was class president her freshman year.

She is a member of the Church of the Heartland and a church camp counselor. She has volunteered with United Way, Salvation Army, Out of the Darkness Walk and Green and Clean Day.

She is a 10-year 4-H member and a 4-H Mini Camp counselor.

If chosen as Miss Class County, she wrote, “I feel I could be a positive influence on my peers by my openness on my own mental health. Making myself approachable gives others an opportunity to share their situation with me. I believe I can show others how I achieve balance in my life by going to counseling and my Faith in God.”

Her hobbies include singing, dancing, praise and worship team at church, and she enjoys being outside and spending time with family and friends.

Jayna Trueblood

Pioneer High School graduate, 19

Jayna is the daughter of Jason and Vanessa Trueblood. She is a 2018 graduate from Pioneer High School and has completed her freshman year at Black Hawk East Campus where she is studying animal science.

She wrote: “As I have finished my first year of college, I was able to have the opportunity to be a part of extra-curricular activities at Black Hawk East Campus. During my freshman year, I was a part of the Western Show Team, and the Horse Judging Team. Joining the equestrian show team allowed for myself to compete at the collegiate level performing patterns on the back of a horse. I competed in several the hosted shows at our campus receiving four first placements, one second placement, and one fourth place. Joining the horse judging team was a new experience for myself considering I have only did livestock judging for two years. Working hard through the fall and some of the spring semester we traveled to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Murray, Kentucky for spring competitions. At the contest in Oklahoma the B-team I was a part of, we received 4th overall in the contest. As a whole team we won the whole contest that day. The following day we traveled to Murray State University for NACTA. During the contest at NACTA I was 4th individual at the contest however, we also were first place in the 2-year college division. By competing for both these teams has opened many new doors for me in the near future.

"Being crowned Miss Cass County has been a dream since I started 4-H. I always looked up to the young women that were on the queen’s court. During my years of 4-H, I have always considered Bailey Farrer as my mentor, she was my role model since day one. When she was crowned Miss Cass County that's when I knew I really wanted to work hard to be able to gain that experience. Crowned as the queen will allow me to gain new experiences and be a great role model to the young generation. This opportunity will open so many doors to my future! As I am a 4-H alumni and a Cass County resident it would be an honor to represent our wonderful county in edition to be a great mentor to the younger generation. Hoping that I will make the impact that Bailey Farrer made on me.

"The way I can describe myself as sweet, loving, funny, open minded, responsible, dedicated and a hard worker. From a young age my parents instilled hard work ethic into my life style because nothing in life ever comes easy you must work for it. When I am visiting home most of my time is spent in the barn. Recently this year, I have started my own Boer Goat herd to eventually raise goats for the show ring. During this summer, I will be competing in open shows to present my Boer goats. When I was a 4-H member, I was dedicated to my animals taking much pride in my work to prepare them for one day in the ring. Being a part of 4-H it has taught myself life skills that I will carry on in college such as; time management, responsibility, hard work, and making rash decisions.”

Allison Young

Lewis Cass High School graduate, 19

Allison is the daughter of Bryan and Kelly Young. She graduated from Lewis Class Jr.-Sr. High School in 2018 and has finished her freshman year at Ivy Tech Community College where she is studying physical therapy.

She wrote: “I am a sophomore now at Ivy Tech and I am majoring in physical therapy and along with the countless hours of studying I have been doing recently I am also involved in the student government program at Ivy Tech which helps students understand government and be more involved in the community. When I am not at school I am most likely working at Cats County Animal Hospital where I have been a vet assistant for thee years. I also work as a caretaker for Comfort Keepers where I go to the psychiatric ward at The Bloom in Kokomo and help with patients. On the weekends when I am not working I volunteer in the therapy room at Woodbridge Health Campus whether it is visiting with patients or assisting with therapy. On Sundays, I have been attending Revolution church in Logansport for almost three years now. I was involved in 4-H for 9 years and showed pygmy and boer goats throughout that time. …

"If I were chosen to be Miss Class County I would love to promote a positive image to young girls and women by showing them it’s okay to be confident and brace and put yourself out there sometimes. Miss Cass County can be a big scary thing to some girls I know this because I was one of those girls and some of these girls never get the confidence to even try it. I would love to be that person to help show them its okay because when I was their age and even sometimes now I was that girl who was scared to do things in the risk that I would fail at them and most of the time I would end up missing out on some great opportunities because I wasn’t confident in myself. So I want to show these young girls that it is okay to take risks and even do something that scares you sometimes because you can get the most amazing memories from whatever you try and even if you fail at least you can say your tried and learned so many things from it. … So winning Miss Cass County would help me reach so many girls who need to be told to follow their dreams and to be confident because back when I was their age I needed someone to give me that push and I want to be that push for these girls.”

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