A Chicago man was sentenced to 30 years in prison after a jury found him guilty of charges related to heroin and cocaine.

Curtis Carter, 27, received no probation time as part of his Oct. 1 sentencing, said Cass County Deputy Prosecutor Tom Lupke, who tried the case.

The sentencing ended the second conviction in a case that had two defendants and involved a high-speed chase.

Darrell Cortez Williams-Wright, 25, of Lansing, Illinois was sentenced to 36 years on June 18.

The two men intended to deliver approximately 72 grams of heroin as well as just over five grams of cocaine, according to the Cass County Prosecutor’s Office.

The two were arrested after a March 5, 2018, traffic stop that was part of a Cass County Drug Task Force investigation, according to court records.

After officers stopped Williams-Wright, he drove off with them in pursuit, at times exceeding 100 miles per hour on Cass County roads.

“During the pursuit, Williams-Wright drove into high water due to flooding on County Road 200 North, just east of U.S. 35,” according to a press release from the Prosecutor’s Office.

As Williams-Wright fled into the flood waters, Cass County Deputy Ryan Preston saw him fling something from the vehicle.

Law enforcement later recovered a bag that had caught on the top of a barbed wire fence, suspended just below the water line.

It contained individual packages of substances that tested later as heroin and cocaine.

A jury found Carter guilty after a Sept. 4-5 trial of Level 2 felony dealing in a narcotic drug (heroin), Level 3 felony dealing in cocaine, Level 3 felony possession of a narcotic drug (heroin) and Level 5 felony possession of cocaine.

He received 20 years for the heroin charges and 10 years for the cocaine charges.

The jury didn’t find Carter guilty of Level 6 felony resisting law enforcement because he wasn’t driving, Williams-Wright was, Lupke said.

Two prior felony convictions figured into Carter’s sentencing.

One was for possession with intent to deal cocaine in Racine, Wisconsin in 2012 and for unlawful Possession of Weapon by Felon in Cook County, Illinois in 2014.

Another jury found Williams-Wright guilty of Level 2 felony dealing in a narcotic drug (heroin), Level 3 felony dealing in cocaine, Level 3 felony possession of a narcotic drug (heroin), Level 5 felony possession of cocaine, Level 6 felony resisting law enforcement and Level 6 felony obstruction of justice.

The verdict came out of a trial that started May 15.

Cass County Superior Judge Rick Maughmer oversaw both men’s trials and the Williams-Wright sentencing, and Senior Judge Thomas Perrone oversaw Carter’s sentencing due to Maughmer’s recent death.

Prosecutor Lisa Swaim said, “We appreciate the hard work and cooperation of the Logansport Police Department and the Cass County Sheriff’s Department in the local joint task force.”

“The sentences reflect the impact of the defendant’s actions on the community, the dangers posed by their drug dealing and flight from authorities in a vehicle, as well as their prior criminal histories. Both heroin and cocaine are extremely dangerous and addictive drugs. We will continue to work with our law enforcement partners to hold drug dealers accountable,” she said.

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