A local Winamac talent has signed a recording contract with a well-known Chicago music label, Victory Records.

Music by Ezekiel “Brodie Z” Vasquez, 28, of Winamac, will be heard in upcoming shows on popular streaming networks such as Amazon Prime, Netflix and YouTubeTV. Vazquez can’t say what shows specifically until they are released.

“If they can find nobodies and make a really good show and it pop off, they’re spending less money than if they get Brad Pitt to be in Netflix series … The same thing is happening with music," Vasquez said. "They’re finding all these new artists that are good and using them for songs for either a theme song or doing episodes of whatever series they’re doing … That’s killer. I mean, if I can just sit at home and make music and make money, I’m down.”

Vasquez isn’t new to the music scene, nor is he new to Victory Records. He has been in bands such as Islander and ForeverAtLast, who were both signed with Victory Records at the time, and has performed at music festivals such as Vans Warped Tour and Mayhem Festival.

Vasquez won’t be doing a lot of touring this time around, though.

Vasquez’s deal with Victory Records works out well for him because he is in the process of purchasing SubLime Subs in Winamac. He is being signed as a recording artist and won’t have to make most of his money from touring. He will be spending a good chunk of his time at his restaurant. He also has three children.

SubLime has gourmet sandwiches, soup and a 12-foot salad bar with fresh ingredients every day. Many of the sandwiches names are a play on words, says Vasquez. All of the food is self-served except for the sandwiches and is priced right at $8, all you can eat. They also have online ordering so people may come in, get what they want off of the salad bar and go without having to go to the register.

“I’m kind of a foody," Vasquez said. "I love trying cool places, whether it be Thai or sushi or whatever. I’m always looking for what’s good. Never been into fast food, I can’t even tell you last time I ate at a McDonald's. I was probably 20 years old and I’m 28 now.”

Vasquez has a vision to open up two more restaurants and to eventually franchise out.

“It was weird for Victory signing me because, you know, they’re like a rock label and all my stuffs like pop trap rap you know like Post Malone kind of stuff," he continued. "So they were really excited about it because they’re like, ‘Woah we’ve never really pushed an artist like this,’ and when they started sending the stuff I just got done recording, they were like getting all these shows and like hopping on the songs because, you know, it’s relevant and sounds like the radio, so they were pretty stoked about it.”

He will be shooting music videos in August — one in Los Angeles and one in Chicago — and will then start releasing stuff once the two singles with the videos are released.

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