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Scott Shively is a Logansport firefighter who says he pays his share or more of city taxes even though he doesn’t live in the city.

“I think what they do forget to take into account is a lot of us own properties in Logansport. I’m a fireman. I own and operate Logansport Storage. I guarantee you I pay a lot more taxes than a lot of homeowners — a lot more combined I’ll guarantee you that. A lot of guys I work with have rental properties that are in Logansport and are paying a lot of taxes,” he said.

“One thing we don’t get to do, we do pay taxes, but we don’t get to vote. I’m about a half mile outside the city limits. We do pay our share of taxes.”

Logansport officials in past years have given discounts to golf course patrons who live in the city. Logansport Municipal Utilities ratepayers already receive a discount if they live in the city. But two other Sound Off callers do not agree with any potential changes in city policy that would give city residents a higher salary.

“I was always taught a person with training and education received the higher salaries,” said one woman who said it should not matter what side of the street a public response employee lives on.

“Do those living in the city put their lives in more danger than those living in the city and county. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a very unfair question. Everybody that serves on police and fire departments puts their life in danger every day.”

Another woman who did not identify herself also disagreed with paying city residents more than non-city residents if they work for the city.

“My opinion is that all city employees are going to get a pay raise regardless if it’s city police or city firefighters. I don’t know what the difference would be. I’m a taxpayer in Logansport but I reside in Walton. I don’t know that that would make a difference in any way. State law says police and fire can live in adjoining counties. I don’t know what the issue would be or if it would be just for city fire and city police.

“We have kids established in the Southeastern School Corporation and we’re not going to pull them out for my husband to get a pay raise for that purpose. I think we’re all for one and one for all.”

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