Emergency workers pulled a silver Chevy Blazer out of the Wabash River near France Park Monday night. It’s not clear how the vehicle got there, but nobody was found in or around the vehicle.

Kayaker Mike Pawlowski found the vehicle around 7:30 p.m. while boating from the Eel River down the Wabash to France Park. The vehicle was completely submerged off Georgetown Road, about a mile east of County Road 600 West.

Pawlowski said the area where the vehicle was found was not underwater on Saturday when he was kayaking before the storms. He had seen campers around the area around that time, he said.

Cass County Sheriff Ed Schroder said that his deputies ran the plates on the vehicle. It came back as owned by someone from Logansport, but that person said they sold the vehicle about a month ago. The sheriff’s office is still looking for the person who bought it.

Speculation by officials on the scene was that someone drove the vehicle off Georgetown Road, where tire tracks went off the road and into the muddy bank and parked there, possibly for camping. However, the vehicle may have been abandoned or got stuck before the Wabash River rose enough to cover it.

After the Logansport Fire Department pulled the vehicle out of the water, a tow truck pulled it up from the bank. The vehicle extraction lasted until about 9 p.m.

The Department of Natural Resources was also on the scene.


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