Database: Nearly 20 UFO sightings reported in Cass Co.

Almost 20 UFO sightings from across Cass County were reported to a national research center over the past 16 years, according to a database updated last month.

The Seattle-based National UFO Reporting Center, or NUFORC, was founded in 1974, according to its website.

"The Center's primary function over the past two decades has been to receive, record, and to the greatest degree possible, corroborate and document reports from individuals who have been witness to unusual, possibly UFO-related events," the website states.

NUFORC's main means for receiving those reports is its telephone hotline.

Fifteen UFO sightings in the database updated in December 2018 were reported from Logansport, two from Walton, one from Twelve Mile and one from Lucerne. Sightings were reported as early as 2003 and as recently as 2018 recalling UFO encounters reported to have occurred between 1968 and last year.

None provide information on the reporter. Six indicate the reporter elected to remain anonymous.

Of the 19 reports from Cass County — six were from 2004, five of which from April of that year. One sighting was reported on April 8 in Logansport, one on April 9 in Walton and three on April 16 in Logansport.

The three on April 16 were reported to have occurred at 8:58 a.m., 8:45 p.m. and 9:11 p.m. The first is described as a sphere. Of the latter two reported to have occurred less than a half-hour apart — the first was described as a reddish-orange light and the second a fireball.

“I was having baseball practice at night and I looked up in the sky and saw a reddish orange light,” the report from 8:45 p.m. reads. “I looked again and it was gone.”

The reporter went on to indicate that the light was in a different place in the sky about five minutes later and that it continued to appear in different places in the sky for about eight minutes. At one point, five reddish-orange lights flashed on and off for about a minute, the report continues.

The sighting reported to have occurred 26 minutes later was described as six “objects that looked like fireballs coming up from the western horizon.”

The report goes on to state that “the fireballs faded, then the six objects started blinking and took off in different directions” before coming back together, making sharp turns and circling back around. Then they’d stop in midair and glow orange again, the report continues, adding that went on for about five minutes.

When the reporter heard an airplane in the area, all of the objects scattered, according to the report.

“My brother and his wife told us they saw the exact same thing and were about 2 miles from us when this happened,” the report states.

Cass County E911 Director Dan McDonald said he doesn't know of the county's dispatch center receiving any UFO-related calls throughout his time there.

McDonald recalled responding to a report of a strange light across a cornfield as a Pulaski County Sheriff's deputy in the early 2000s. But it turned out to be a new cellphone tower.

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