As part of a continuing effort to make Logansport’s trails safer, the city and Logansport Memorial Hospital have partnered to create address markers along the city’s trails to help trail users know their location.

According to Logansport deputy mayor Mercedes Brugh, each trail will have its own color, logo and numbering system. Designed by Brugh and executed by local artisan Jim Galbreath (who did the “Dancers” sculpture downtown), the 3-foot-tall stainless steel trail address markers will be installed in the coming weeks.

“Watch for them along Little Turtle Waterway, River Bluff, Huston and Harvey Preserve trails,” said Brugh.

The city contributed over $10,300 and Logansport Memorial Hospital added $6,000 to bring the new address markers to fruition. Back in February, the city received funding from the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority as part of a crowdfunding campaign to improve safety on city trails.

In mid-June, city workers installed 10 state-of-the-art security cameras to help provide additional security at Huston Park, the River Bluff Trail and the Sims Connector Trail at Riverside Park’s Cole Bridge.

“These cameras are amazing,” said Marla Evanich, Logansport Mayor’s Office administrative assistant. “They are capable of recording 24-7 and are PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom). They are also equipped with a starlight chip which allows the camera to see at night with amazing clarity and up to 25x zoom.”

The four community trails will also be armed with warm-weather police bicycle patrols.

“Police are out on their bikes about every day in this warm weather – another initiative to make our trails, parks and city safer,” Brugh said.

A trail camera survey taken in February 2018 resulted in 91 percent public support. With the help of donations from the public, local businesses, City Council, the Logansport Memorial Hospital Foundation and the Parks and Recreation Foundation, safer trails in the city are becoming a reality.

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