A large tree fell yesterday just before noon and snapped a primary power line causing power outages for up to 90 minutes.

The tree came down in the alley just west of Burlington Avenue and north of Main Street. A nearby business manager said she saw a “bright orange light.”

Liz McGuire, manager of Threadz, had customers in the store, two of which were in the dressing room, when she saw the bright flash from the alley behind Enterprise Rental Cars.

“The power flickered then went out,” McGuire said.

She said she heard no thunder and wondered what had happened.

Paul Hartman, Logansport Municipal Utilities superintendent, said LMU workers were responded just after the Logansport Fire Department arrived on the scene at 11:45 a.m. LMU workers had to cut the tree out of the way before putting lines back up.

Most of the businesses, such as McClure’s Oil and Threadz, were down 20 to 25 minutes.

The red light at Burlington and Main was also out and returned to working condition the same time as the gas station.

Hartman said the residential service in the immediate area was without electricity for as much as 90 minutes, but most were back in within 20 to 25 minutes.

The area of power outages included the west side of Burlington Avenue from Cicott to Mildred street. The initial area was the entire area south of the Wabash River.

Rain did not slow LMU in restoring power.

“Unfortunately in this one, the guys had to be out there in the worse rain.”

The three-phase primary line that broke is 13,800 volts and was extremely unsafe.

“It is never safe to go around downed power lines. It never is,”

Hartman said. “The only time that we ever go around them is when we know that they have been turned off because there is always the potential for something to happen around a downed power line. It is always a dangerous situation.”

Hartman did not know what caused the tree to fall, but the tree made the lines slap together, which created what Hartman referred to as blinding light.

Alvin Beckman, Cass County Emergency Management Agency director, confirmed that there was no lightning and very little wind in the heavy rain that dropped at least an inch of water in the area, with one location just south of Logansport actually getting 1.2 inches.

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