Suzie Wamsley says Little Turtle Waterway is a good place for a workout.

Wamsley, who hosts Y-Fit Kid’s Bootcamps three times a year, is teaching a group of children ages 10 and up how to use the outdoor trail as a gym.

The group will be learning a variety of exercises that can be done anytime, and anywhere.

“I just thought it would be a good thing to show kids that, you know, how you can go down there and get a workout in if you feel like it," Wamsley said. "They can’t work out at the Y because they’re too young unless their parents are with them and most parents aren’t with them. So that’s why I thought this might be a good idea.”

Some of the exercises that the group will be doing include running the steps, sprinting the boat launch, box jumps, free weights and using the agility rope.

“There are more than 100 steps that go around that plaza.”

Little Turtle Waterway is open despite the ongoing construction along Melbourne Avenue. Visitors may access the park via the parking lot at its east end.

“[Monday] night, the kids’ parents had a tough time getting them there, but they won’t [Tuesday night]. Everybody showed up and we had a great time.”

Registration for this outdoor bootcamp is now closed, but Wamsley will be hosting the next Y-Fit Kid’s Bootcamp in September.

Work has been ongoing on the massive Melbourne Avenue project for months. The multi-million-dollar project downtown to alleviate constant flooding because of outdated storm drains will take two years to complete. At the heart of the project are two massive 10-foot-diameter pipes that will be buried on top of one another under Melbourne Avenue between Eel River Avenue and Fifth Street. Many of the giant pipes are already on the construction site behind the State Theatre, awaiting the giant 25- to 30-foot-deep trenches to be dug for their placement.

In the meantime, the public is encouraged to continue using Little Turtle Waterway, which should remain open during most of the construction project.

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