Dave Helms, owner of Helms Farms Inc. Livestock and Grain, a multi-faceted farm near Galveston, is a 4th generation farmer at the very same location where his great-grandfather first started the farm.

Along with his wife, Tara, and their their sons — Ross, 21, Wyatt, 18 and John, 15 — they raise cattle, provide local freezer beef, and raise corn, beans and hay.

Dave started farming at a very young age, working with his father, Tom Helms. Tom started raising hogs around 1980. They enjoyed about 18 years of raising hogs until the market crashed around 1998.

The Helms family was always involved in raising grain along with livestock.

Although Dave took over full responsibility of the farm 10 years ago, the biggest adjustment he’s encountered with the farm was when his father, Tom, passed away in 2014.

“It was a big adjustment, because he wasn’t there anymore to ask questions,” he said.

Dave’s favorite thing about farming is the fact that you get to be your own boss. He also enjoys seeing the newness that spring brings at planting season, as well as seeing what the harvest will bring in the fall.

Dave mentioned that this year, with the heavy rain preventing normal planting times, their farm may yield a 20% reduction.

“I could not have done the late planting this year without my three sons,” he said.

Tara added, “As a farmer you have to have a lot of faith, as we are always at the mercy of the weather ... so we pray a lot.”

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