Dave Packard and Stephen Sanchez.JPG

From left, Dave Packard and Stephen Sanchez

Student name: Stephen Sanchez

Mother’s name: Angelica Sanchez

Career plans: Undecided

Century Career Center class: Professional Career Internship

Century Career Center instructor: Cynthi Frye

Business name: Century Career Center Radio & TV Program

Supervisor’s name: Dave Packard

Supervisor’s title: Instructor

Student’s input

Student quote: This internship has been really helpful to me! Radio/TV requires a lot of teamwork. It’s good to work with new people and old friend, and getting to know new people is important for communicating.

Supervisor’s input

Supervisor’s Quote: Hard work and positivity will lead to success!

What do you think of the internship program? I love that kids get the opportunity to get real world experience in high school! I wish I had the same opportunity. Mrs. Frye is a delight to work with!

Why were you willing to participate? Mrs. Frye is great and my students have been too!

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