Beef Show results

Results from the 2019 Cass County 4- H Fair Beef Show:

Grand Champion Supreme Heifers: Wyatt Helms, grand champion; Arie Martin, reserve champion

Grand Champion Market Beef: Kinze Mollenkopf, grand champion; Kendalyn Farrer, reserve champion

Breed Champions

Angus Heifer: Arie Martin, champion; Ashlee Lindley, reserve

Hereford Heifer: Allison Foery, champion; John Helms, reserve

Charolais Heifer: Wyatt Helms, champion

Maine-Anjou Heifer: James Strong, champion; Trent Ulrick, reserve

Maintainer Heifer: Maggie Taylor, champion; James Strong, reserve

Red Angus: Logan Mollenkopf, champion

Shorthorn Heifer: Kendayln Farrer, champion; Alexis Gottshall, reserve

Shorthorn Plus Heifer: Trent Ulerick, champion

Simmental Heifer: Kinzie Mollenkopf, champion; Zoe Reed, reserve

Sim Solution Heifer: Miah Martin, champion

Commercial Heifer: Mason Keller, champion; Carson Harness, reserve

Male Feeder Calves: Heidi Frey, champion and reserve

Market Heifer: McCoy Taylor, champion; Kade Mennen, reserve

Angus Steer: Carson Harness, champion; Von Boehme, reserve

Chianina Steer: Kendalyn Farrer, champion; Sam Miller, reserve

Hereford Steer: Shaylee Goings, champion and reserve

Maine Anjou Steer: Jacob Zeigler, champion; Bailey Harness, reserve

Shorthorn Steer: Logan Mollenkopf, champion; Cole Franklin, reserve

Shorthorn Plus Steer: Michael Gehlhausen, champion; Thomas Ehler, reserve

Sim Solution Steer: Gavin Mollenkopf, champion; Dylan Rance, reserve

Crossbred Steer: Kinzie Mollenkopf, champion; Wyatt Helms, reserve

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