Poultry Show results

Complete results from the Poultry Show, held Monday, July 9 at the Cass County 4- H Fair:


Pullet: Elizabeth Sprow, champion and reserve

Pullet, brown egg: Elizabeth Sprow, champion; Madelyn Sprow, reserve

Pullet, white egg: Elizabeth Sprow, champion; Owen Thomas, reserve

Layer: Levi Lowe, champion; Emily Schmehl, reserve

Layer, brown egg: Emily Schmehl, champion; Leighton Dodt, reserve

Layer, white egg: Emily Schmehl, champion; Cole Appleton, reserve

Layer, all other eggs: Leighton Dodt, champion

Broiler: Gage Thomas, champion

Roaster: Cole Appleton, champion; Keenan Appleton, reserve

Turkey: Keenan Appleton, champion; Grayce Horn, reserve

Goose: Seth Schmehl, champion; Zachary Taylor, reserve

Large duck: Kassidy Henry, champion; Izayik Hopkins, reserve

Overall Commercial Grand Champion: Kassidy Henry

Overall Commercial Reserve Grand Champion: Levi Lowe


Large fowl: Jackson Darland, champion; Madison Shaffer, reserve

Bantam: Elizabeth Sprow, champion; Gage Thomas, reserve

Goose: Zachary Taylor, champion and reserve

Large duck: Kassidy Henry, champion and reserve

Overall Exhibition Grand Champion: Grayce Horn

Overall Exhibition Reserve Grand Champion: Jackson Darland


Junior showmanship: Levi Bell, champion

Intermediate showmanship: Eli Sedom, champion

Senior showmanship: Rachel Rogers, champion

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