Matt Reish of Milford, who currently works at the Record Farm’s Rochester location, is about to head out on tour with metal band Mobile Deathcamp.

Reish was asked to join the band in May and officially joined in June. His life has taken a complete one-eighty since then.

“It went from touring all the time, to everything is hectic, to I started working here and everything was chill and it was consistent,” Reish said. “It was nice. I come here, listen to records, sell records, make money—now it’s like, okay, we’re back to just like, I don’t even know what’s happening, hands in the air, just go with it.”

With Reish joining the group, two-thirds of Mobile Deathcamp have connections to the region. Chad Smith is the band’s drummer and a 1992 graduate of Logansport High School.

“I grew up in Logansport and I am very proud to be from a place that supports its music and art scene,” Smith said.

Smith, who joined Mobile Deathcamp 2012, said he always looks forward to coming home to play. The band played the mainstage at the State Theatre in 2017 and is scheduled to play at the Record Farm next door to the theatre in October. “I love playing my home town! I hope to see everyone Oct. 11 at the free Record Farm show.”

Reish was not involved in the band the last time they played in town at the State Theatre. “I was there, but just as a fan,” he said. “To kind of just change things up — it was a cognitive effort — it was a deliberate thing to put it in the record store. Just because the first time it’s big, it’s in the State Theater. This time it’s going to be like an actual punk-like, metal-like show where it’s going to be in the store. Everyone is in there. It’s going to be super loud. Bring earplugs.”

“Matt is a great player, but an even better person,” Smith said. “We’re very happy to have him in the band and on the road with us soon.”

Reish will be playing bass guitar with Mobile Deathcamp. In October, the band has nearly a dozen dates, zig-zagging across the U.S. from Fort Worth, Texas, to San Diego, California; Grand Junction, Colorado, to ... Logansport.

Reish has been on tour before with his band, Hailshot. He has always been a six-string guitar player, but had recently picked up a bass so he could do studio work for Hailshot.

Mobile Deathcamp was formed by former GWAR member, Todd Evans, who is the frontman for Mobile Deathcamp. His persona in that band was that of “Beefcake the Mighty,” the bassist. He appeared as a stout humanoid girded in Roman-style armor, usually wielding either an oversized sword or a large battle-axe.

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