Wade Miller

WALTON — A Cass County jailer found himself on the other side of the bars Sunday, May 3, after being arrested on several charges, including criminal confinement and sexual battery.

Court records indicate Cass County Sheriff's deputies and an Indiana State Police trooper responded to a 911 call early Sunday at an apartment building in the 100 block of Davis Street in Walton. The caller reported neighbors yelling, objects hitting the wall and a female saying she needed to go to the hospital, according to the records.

Deputy Shane Johnson wrote in his case report that Wade Miller, 51, a jail officer with the Cass County Sheriff's Department, was in the reported apartment upon his arrival along with a male and a female.

The female told him she met Miller two weeks earlier "and was staying at his residence till she got back on her feet," the report states.

Johnson went on to write the female reported Miller handcuffed her and put her on a bed, adding the other male in the apartment said, "[I]f you don't have sex with her I will."

The female repeatedly asked Miller to remove the handcuffs, the report continues, which he did after 30 minutes.

She also reported having wanted to leave the apartment but stayed after Miller "told her several times where he worked and could have her taken to jail."

"Wade daily made comments about having sex with him because she was living in his house," the report also states.

The report goes on to cite the woman's reports that Miller came to her at about 10 p.m. Saturday while she was lying in bed, "exposed himself" and attempted to have sex with her.

Despite being told to stop, Miller forced her shirt down and touched her, she reported. He left the room after she pretended to fall asleep.

Eventually she did fall asleep and was awakened by Miller "throwing things around the kitchen and bedroom." He then got on top of her and placed his hands over her nose and mouth so that she couldn't breathe before telling her to be quiet.

When law enforcement officers arrived, he told her to tell them they were just arguing, the report states.

Cass County Sheriff's Deputy Scott Turney wrote in his case report that Miller said he and the female were asleep together when he woke up feeling sick. He awakened the female while looking for medication, the report continues, causing her to start yelling and "tearing the apartment up."

Turney wrote at this time that he advised Miller his explanation "did not match what was initially reported."

"I explained to Wade that his cooperation with this investigation would help him greatly," he wrote.

Miller remained silent for a minute, the report continues, "then stated he might have been responsible for the trash being knocked over and the dishes being broke, but that he couldn't remember for sure."

Neighbors reported hearing fights and arguments coming from Miller's apartment for the past week to a month, according to the report.

Miller was booked in the Cass County Jail at 1:31 a.m. Sunday on charges of criminal confinement, sexual battery and strangulation, all Level 6 felonies; along with battery and intimidation, both A misdemeanors.

Sheriff Randy Pryor said Monday, May 4, that Miller's arrest led to his termination from the jail. He had been employed there for eight years.

Reach Mitchell Kirk at mitchell.kirk@pharostribune.com or 574-732-5130

Reach Mitchell Kirk at mitchell.kirk@pharostribune.com or 574-732-5130

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