Saturday, Nov. 2, 5:30 a.m.: The alarm goes off and I crawl out of bed. I rush through my normal morning routine as my brain begins to go through an extensive checklist.

Camera? Check.

Batteries? Check.

Tripods? Stands? Script? Check. Check. Check.

The list continues on as I brush my teeth. It continues as I tie my shoes. It continues as I kiss my girlfriend goodbye for the weekend.

Monitor? Check.

Lights? Check.

Hard drive? Check.

The list never ends as it keeps recycling in my brain. The anxiety doesn’t let up and continues as I drive nearly two hours south to Garfield Park on the south side of Indianapolis. I glance in the backseat and scan the items again.

Power cables? Check.

Slate? Check.

Mics? Check.

I pull into the park as my brain begins the list again for the umpteenth time. Finding a parking spot doesn’t take long and members of the film crew begin to swarm my car. The trunk is popped and equipment gets unloaded and handed off.

Boom pole? Check.

Audio Cable? Check.

Headphones? Check.

As we shoot scene after scene, equipment gets handed off, set down, picked up and handed off again.

Light diffuser? Check.

Lens? Check.

Shoulder rig? Check.

The amount of anxiety comes in waves as we wrap on the project and the equipment is packed back into where it belongs. The checklist continues as the gear is loaded back into my car and as I drive home.

Camera? Check.

Batteries? Check.


Tony Walters | Pharos-Tribune photo editor

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