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Simple, easy and money-saving ideas that also do something positive for the environment:

Keep plastics out of microwave

Microwaves are a convenient and energy-efficient way to cook and heat up leftovers instead of using an oven. But when using a microwave, opt for only microwave-safe glass or ceramic containers for food, even if a plastic container is marked “microwave-safe.” Plastics with that marking can withstand heat only up to a certain temperature; if you’re cooking something on high for an extended period of time, the plastic containers can still lose their shape and could possibly leach chemicals into your food.

Houseplant care 101

If you have a dying houseplant, you might guess that feeding it a nutrient-rich fertilizer will help it revive and thrive. But that’s the one thing you shouldn’t do, since fertilizers can actually bring more stress to a sick plant and can be the reason it ultimately dies. To help bring a plant back to life, check on a few things: Are the roots clustered together too tightly, indicating that the plant needs to be repotted into a larger container? Is it in the wrong spot? Is air conditioning or heating blowing directly on it? Is it in direct sunlight when it needs indirect light? The very simple solution to one of these questions might be all your plant needs.


Top States for Sports Betting

According to data from sports betting information site, these are the  states that gamble the most per capita on sports-related bets.

1. Nevada - $209.90 per person

2. New Jersey - $107.94

3. Colorado - $56.77

4. Indiana - $51.73

5. Pennsylvania - $48.07

6. Iowa - $47.39

7. Illinois - $45.90

8. New Hampshire - $44.00

9. Rhode Island - $37.60

10. Tennessee - $30.92


By Chuck Sheppard

Family Values: Joanna Zielinski, 62, of Naples, Florida, was arrested Feb. 11 after stabbing her sister, Laura, 64, multiple times with an EpiPen, according to authorities. Investigators said the two had spent the evening drinking and taking drugs, and Laura fell asleep on the couch. “At some point,” said police, “Joanna went crazy and attacked Laura with an EpiPen,” because “I’m allergic to drunks,” she told officers, and she wanted to sober her sister up. The Smoking Gun reported the EpiPen was prescribed to Joanna, but Laura wasn’t affected by the medicine because it wasn’t actually injected. Joanna was charged with domestic battery.

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