Construction on Hardee’s continues on a sunny afternoon.

Hardee’s at 1121 E. Market St. in Logansport will reopen June 9.

It will be in a new style of restaurant with the building itself finished during the last week of May, according to Farooq Shah, owner of Midwest First Star Inc. and of 30 other Hardee’s besides the Logansport one.

There will also be a re-opening celebration, he said.

The new style uses more wood and looks more like a sit down restaurant than a fast food one.

The new menu that comes with it will include items like a plant-based, meatless Go Beyond hamburger and some Big Fried Cheese sandwiches, like the BFC Frisco breakfast sandwich and BFC angus thickburger, Shah said.

The fried cheese is a slab of mozzarella in seasoned breading that is fried crispy.

There’ll also be new healthy “better for you options.” People can see the new items at Hardees.com under “menu and nutrition.”

The website to apply for jobs at the restaurant is https://cke-ats-bridge.com/

Shah, who has opened similar new Hardee’s restaurants in Michigan City and South Bend, had planned to rebuild anyway. But a fire on Sept. 8 gutted the old restaurant, making it unusable.

A caller to 911 that day told dispatchers that a truck making a delivery to the restaurant caught and ripped down a power line, which then landed on the roof of the building and caught a piece of equipment on fire, Logansport Fire Department officials said.

The fire began about 2:30 p.m., and the Logansport Fire Department had almost extinguished all flames around 3:30 p.m. But when the rear part of the roof buckled in, it allowed an influx of air so that turned the remaining flames turned into a fireball. That caused more damage to the back of the building.

Firefighters had to continue fighting the blaze into the early evening.

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