Logansport Convenience Store doesn’t look like your usual convenience store.

It still resembles the PNC Bank that the building at 210 Mall Road used to be, with its high, vaulted ceiling.

But before opening it on Saturday, co-owners Has Patel and Bob Patel removed the walls that made up the offices and did some other work.

They also plan to develop the bank’s drive-thru by the end of September so customers can use it to get soda, snacks, lottery tickets and other items the store sells.

“People love the drive thru now days — in winter time (or) when it’s too hot,” Bob Patel said.

Providing convenience was one of the reasons the men opened the store.

It’s across from the apartment complex and in walking distance for a few neighborhoods.

“There’s a lot of traffic here and no convenience store,” Bob Patel said.

Logansport Convenience Store is the only such non-chain shop in the east end of Logansport and won’t have long lines.

“People don’t have to walk too far to get stuff,” Has Patel said. “This is convenient, just in and out.”

The store has state minimum on most cigarettes, soft drinks (both in the cooler and by fountain dispenser), energy drinks, candy, snacks and donuts, non-snack foods (including milk), items for cars (such as oil and WD-40), vaping items and novelty items, including jewelry.

On Wednesday, they were installing an ATM. Coffee and cappuccino and another cooler are coming.

There’ll be no beer or alcohol for sale, though, Has Patel said.

Bob Patel said they are looking into adding gas pumps to the business.

This is the first joint business for the two men, but they each have business experience.

Has Patel owns the Clark Gas station at 400 W. Market St. and the Dairy Queen at 3520 E. Market.

Bob Patel owns the Mobil station at 2530 E. Market.

“Mostly, we know everybody,” said Bob Patel, who greets all his customers.

Has Patel said that the number of customers has been increasing since they opened.

One customer, who declined to give his name, said, “Nice store, I’ll be back.”

John Bingaman, who knows Bob Patel through the Mobil station, stopped on his way from a lunch meeting to see the new store.

“I thought I would check it out,” Bingaman said. “They have a great space here, it looks like. I think it’ll work out.”

The store’s hours are 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day, although Sundays may be 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., Bob Patel said.

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