The Fireside restaurant in Logansport will not remain closed for long.

Victor Rojo of Peru and two silent partners are planning to reopen it by Oct. 1 as Braves Pancake House and Restaurant.

They also plan to have the restaurant open every day from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., serving breakfast and lunch at the 2701 E. Market St. building.

Rojo and his partners have worked in the restaurant business for decades, with Rojo, who also is part owner of Los Tres Caminos in Peru, having 20 years in the business himself.

Braves, however, will be a separate corporation from Los Tres Caminos, he said.

Although the style of restaurant will be different from The Fireside — and Rojo has been working in the mornings preparing the place and upgrading the kitchen — the décor will remain fundamentally the same.

“We’re leaving everything inside,” Rojo said. “We like how it is.”

The bar in front won’t be used except for special events at first. Likewise, it may serve alcohol with the inherited liquor license and have bakery items in the display case up front, but the owners are focused on starting the business first.

“We need to open first. We can look at changes later,” he said.

The partners decided to start their restaurant in Logansport despite their Peru roots because of the building.

“We found this place, and we like it,” he said.

They first had to talk The Fireside owners into selling. Fireside closed as a restaurant June 3 but had been hosting special events and parties. Susan Jarrell, one of the previous Fireside owners, has been helping out a lot, Rojo said.

“I want them to be successful. It didn’t work for us, but we want to see it work for them. And we want to see Logansport respond positively,” she said.

Jarrell believes there’s a place in the city for a breakfast place like this and has confidence in it.

“He’s a professional, so he knows what he’s doing,” she added.

The restaurant is looking to hire 15 to 20 full-timers and part-timers, including people who worked at The Fireside.

“They know what to do,” Rojo said about the Fireside staff.

Lauren Waldron, who was a waitress at Fireside, was helping out on Tuesday and looks forward to working there again.

“I love this building. I was super sad when it closed, so I want to help this guy make it work,” she said.

Laura Pullman, another Fireside employee who went in to apply on Tuesday and previously worked as an Old Style Inn waitress, believes people will come for lunches and in big parties.

“I know what people want in this town, and they want a place to come and sit down and talk,” she said.

The three partners decided on the Braves Pancake House name because of how it sounds.

“I like the name — because we’re brave to take on this place,” Rojo said.

People who want to apply for jobs should check at the restaurant in the mornings while Rojo is preparing the place for business. They should also check Facebook for announcements. Braves’ menu is already posted there.

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