Alicia Army 001

Alicia Army, left, serves as a teacher at Kidz Connection Ministry under the direction of Chelsea Cates.

Student’s name: Alicia Army

Parents’ names: Betty Army and Justin Army

Business name: Kidz Connection Ministry

Position: Teacher

Career goal: Nursing

Century Career Center class: Work-Based Learning--Cooperative Education

Century Career Center instructor: Cynthi Frye

Supervisor’s name: Chelsea Cates

Supervisor’s title: Director

Student’s input

Please explain your job duties. I take care and watch the kids, play with them, and feed them.

How has this co-op position been helpful to you? I am able to not work late and I have more time to get homework and other things done.

Explain what you have learned. I have learned how to take care of all ages of kids.

How is this job preparing you for the future? I take care of kids all day and I want to help and take care of people in the future.

Has it affected your career decision? It has made me want to specialize in pediatric nursing.

What have you liked about this job? I love watching and playing with the kids.

Supervisor’s input

What is this student’s position? She is a teacher’s aide.

What duties does this student perform? She assists teachers, plays and interacts with children of various ages, and she insures that safety is being met.

How is this job preparing this student for the future? I feel this job helps with responsibility that she will need throughout all her adult life.

What do you think of this program? I think it’s a great program for high school aged kids.

Why were you willing to participate? I believe it is a great program to teach responsibility in kids’ lives.

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