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McClure gas station

A new gas station and convenience store could be built just off the Hoosier Heartland Highway and 18th Street, near the Ivy Tech Community College campus on U.S. 35.

As a courtesy to move the project forward, the $4.5 million investment was approved by the Logansport Redevelopment Commission Wednesday. But the final say-so will come from the City Council at a later date.

According to Board President Mike McCord, the addition of McClure’s Gas Station & Convenience Store would support local students who would be able to make a quick stop for fuel or grab-and-go sandwiches before or after classes. It also would be a perfect site for motorists who travel the highway.

McClure’s purchased 10 acres of property at $272,000 in 2014, but the company has not opted to build on the site until now.

Discussions between the city and Ivy Tech have been ongoing. Logansport-Cass County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Bill Cuppy believes everyone is on board with the plans to move forward with the development, which would create approximately 15 new jobs for the community.

The biggest contention has been student safety. People have been worried that semi-truck drivers would pull into the gas station and remain overnight. However, Cuppy said while there will be a separate lane for semis, he does not anticipate drivers parking for extended periods of time.

Even if they did, though, McCord said most students would not be on campus during the late night to early morning hours “when a truck driver may need to park there.”

Discussions concerning this topic are ongoing, as are plans for a five-year real estate abatement, which will be decided at an upcoming City Council meeting.

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