Brooklyn Gordon

Brooklynn Gordon, left, and supervisor John Vales.

Student’s name: Brooklynn Gordon

Parents’ names: Sandra Spencer

Business name: McHale Performing Arts Center

Position: Master electrician

Century Career Center class: Work-Based Learning--Cooperative Education

Century Career Center instructor: Cynthi Frye

Supervisor’s name: John Vales

Supervisor’s title: McHale Performing Arts Center Manager

Student’s input

Please explain your job duties. “I do many different things from working in the shop, using power tools, to running and operating the lighting board. I hang and focus stage lights. I run cables and hook up power to lights and more.”

How has this co-op position been helpful to you? “It helps in the way of showing females can work and succeed in technical theater as well as showing me something I could potentially do in the future.”

Explain what you have learned. “I’ve learned more about our lighting system. I’ve also learned how to better work with people and how to better teach others how things work.”

How is this job preparing you for the future? “This co-op position has giving me experience with working with people and performing multiple different jobs.”

Has it affected your career decision? “It has shown me something to keep an eye on and keep in mind in the future.”

What have you liked about this job? “I enjoy the people I work with and all the fun things we get to do.”

Supervisor’s input

What duties does this student perform? “Brooklynn is in charge of the lighting crew. She assists in running Hang/Focus/Programming of lights for shows at McHale.”

How is this job preparing this student for the future? “Brooklynn could easily get a job as a stagehand at a professional theatre after graduating LHS.”

What do you think of this program? “I think it’s fantastic students get real world work experience.”

Why were you willing to participate? “It’s important for students to get this experience and I want to offer this unique opportunity to my student crew.”

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