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The city of Logansport and Logansport Municipal Utilities will be streamlining their technology services and programs.

Approved by the Logansport Board of Public Works & Safety on Wednesday, an agreement with Tyler Technologies Inc. of Plano, Texas, will result in new software to link the city and LMU.

The $114,774 project will be split between the budgets of the city and LMU, said Duane Ullom, clerk-treasurer, adding that plans have been in the works for the last two years with funding earmarked. However, the pandemic halted any progress during 2020.

With the ability to move forward now, Tyler will begin plugging in a new system that will allow for transparency between the departments with the end objective promoting greater efficiency.

According to Ullom, it could take six months before the city will be able to utilize the new system. Meanwhile, LMU will have to wait for nine months to a year.

But once everything is up and running, Ullom said this will allow for advancements within local government and departments.

A recurring fee for the upgrade and service will be around $22,745.

Logansport Police Department

Logansport Police Chief Travis Yike received the board’s approval to trade in four police vehicles at Mike Anderson Chrysler Dodge in Logansport for the purchase of three new 2021 police-package Dodge Chargers.

The trade-ins include a 2007 Dodge Ram, a 2014 Dodge Charger, and two 2013 Dodge Chargers.

Logansport Parks Department

The board approved an agreement with Night Magic Display of LaPorte for July 4 fireworks. According to Jan Fawley, administrator of the Parks Department, there were some fireworks left over from last year, so cost will be cut back.

Because the holiday festivities are currently being planned, no specific details are available. Therefore, it’s likely events will be held at Riverside Park, but her crew is still determining where the fireworks will be displayed. It will either be Riverside or Huston Park.

She said many people throughout the community enjoyed the previous Huston Park display, which might provide a better viewing area for more people. But final decisions won’t be made until closer to the Independence Day celebration.

Mount Hope Cemetery

Bob Bernhardt, cemetery sexton, informed the board that spring cleanup of Mount Hope Cemetery will begin on Monday. Anyone with decorations or flowers on gravesites is urged to remove items over the weekend.

Anything left on site will be picked up and discarded as of Monday morning.

People will be able to decorate once again by March 26, he said.

Code Enforcement

Johnny Quinones, code enforcement officer, proposed a new Property Cleanup form, which the board accepted. Part of the changes includes an increase in hourly wages for man hours spent cleaning up properties.

The pay will bump up from $15 to $20 an hour.

Truck and trailer fees will be $50 per hour, loader fee at $75 per hour, and Dumpster fee at $50 per hour for a total minimum charge of $250.

Finally, clean-up of 926 21st St. was ordered by the board.

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