Shaking and in a bit of shock, Nicole Zimbron stood at the side of the road as she watched firefighters sweep debris into a pile.

Just moments ago, this Logansport resident had been flipping through her cell phone, getting caught up on the events of the day. And just like that, her afternoon tilted on its axis – literally.

A passenger in a Cass Transit bus, Zimbron was focused on her messages when she felt a hard brake as the driver of the bus tried to stop.

But despite attempts, the bus driver allegedly ran the red light at the intersection of East Market Street and West Roselawn Avenue, according to Logansport Police Department Patrolman Tyler Miller, who was one of the officers rendering assistance and investigating the scene.

At approximately 3 p.m. Wednesday, dispatch received a call about the accident in which a bus had collided with a white Ford van. Miller said the bus had been traveling west on East Market Street and failed to stop, causing the van that was traveling south on West Roselawn Avenue to collide.

Zimbron said everything happened instantaneously. One moment, she was playing on her phone; and, in the next, passengers were flying through the air as the bus was knocked on its side, landing on the driver’s side of the vehicle in the middle of Market Street. The back emergency exit door had been broken off of its hinges and glass was strewn about the interior.

“There was glass everywhere,” she said, including on the pavement.

In fact, Zimbron said, as she fingered the bandage on her arm, shards of glass cut her when the windows shattered. Indicating she might go to the hospital after leaving the scene, just to make sure she didn’t sustain further injuries, Zimbron was thankful the accident was not worse.

The other two passengers and the driver of the transit bus were not injured, said Miller, adding that the driver of the van had been transported to Logansport Memorial Hospital. He thought the driver’s injuries were minor.

Names were not released as of press time.

With a crowd gathered, many people were taking photos and videos with their cell phones, as Brian Risher watched intently.

Thankful that no one was severely injured, Risher expressed concern about the bus. As a mechanic for Cass Transit, he recognized the major damage to the vehicle, especially as K&K Recovery of Logansport attached chains to the underside of the bus in an effort to pull it up and onto its wheels.

Slow and steady, the tow truck lugged the passenger’s side of the bus forward. A few minutes later, it came down on the pavement with a resounding crash as the broken glass fell and the back-end door smashed to the ground.

Firefighters and police officers continued to clean up the scene as traffic was re-routed around the intersection.

Discount Towing removed the van.

Agencies at the scene included the Logansport Police Department, Logansport Fire Department, K&K Recovery, and Discount Towing.

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