Arturo Martinez-Salinas

Arturo Martinez-Salinas, right, and supervisor Melissa Denney.

Student name: Arturo Martinez-Salinas

Parents’ names: Noemi Salinas-Cruz and Guillermo Arturo Martinez

Post-secondary plans: Go to a college or university for a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design

Career plans: Graphic Designer

Century Career Center class: Professional Career Internship

Century Career Center instructor: Cynthi Frye

Business name: Century Career Center

Supervisor’s name: Melissa Denney

Supervisor’s title: Graphic Designer and Instructor

Student’s input

Arturo Martinez-Salinas: “This internship has shown me how to work on projects that have been requested by actual people around the community. This has shown me how to work with a deadline and how to interact with others. On the more technical side, I know a lot, but I always keep learning more by accident or by the help of my great supervisor, Mrs. Denney. All in all, I hope to continue learning more through this internship to further sharpen my skills.”

Supervisor’s input

What do you think of the internship program? “The internship program is a one of a kind opportunity for our students to “try before they buy” into a career choice. I love that these interns get a glimpse into real-life interactions and projects to begin gaining experience otherwise not available until after graduation.”

Why were you willing to participate? “When I was in college, I participated in several internships and was able to build solid connections and learn how the world of design operated. I felt so much more confident in my choice to pursue design knowing much more of what to expect. It helped me land my first job among several other applicants. Knowing how grateful I was for the businesses that took a chance of having me intern in their space, motivated me to offer this same experience to our students.”

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