Police have confirmed that two adults were killed in an accident involving a dump truck and a minivan on Thursday.

The accident occurred just before 2:20 p.m. where Main Street in Logansport becomes an entrance to U.S. 35.

The minivan was traveling west on 35, and the dump truck had left Main to go east on 35.

The truck was in the median area of the highway when the minivan struck the back end of it, shearing off the driver’s side and roof of the minivan, Logansport Police Sgt. Dan Frye confirmed.

Police believe the two were killed instantly.

Based on the vehicle’s license plate, the people in the van were from out of the area, but not out of state, Frye said. Police do not release any information about victims until their families have been notified.

The van came to a stop in the grassy strip of the meridian of U.S. 35, turned around and ended up facing east.

Police searched the tall weeds and high native prairie plants around the area of the crash to confirm that no one else was in the vehicle and thrown from it during the aftermath of the accident.

“We hope there are no other people around,” Frye said.

Logansport Police Detective Flaude Dillon was called to the scene to do an accident reconstruction.

There were witnesses to the accident, and a semi-truck driver informed police the accident was likely captured by his dashboard camera.

“We’ll recover anything and everything we can to find out what happened here,” Frye said.

Indiana State Police officers and officers from other departments assisted at the scene.

There have been a few accidents in that stretch of U.S. 35, between where Main meets 35 to about three blocks west where 18th Street intersects with the highway, near Ivy Tech.

Most haven’t been deadly, but in the last year, there have been two serious ones.

On Sept. 17, 2019, a car flipped between the two intersections after leading police on a high-speed chase related to drugs. A passenger was taken to Logansport Memorial Hospital, and the driver was airlifted to an Indianapolis hospital.

On Nov. 1, 2019, a Monticello driver was killed in an accident when his car going north in the southbound lanes hit a semi. The semi driver was unhurt.

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