INDIANAPOLIS — Another Indiana House bill to eliminate township assessors received a second reading on Monday, but members pushed for amendments that would allow voters to choose through a referendum as they did in 2008.

“If we trusted the voters back (in 2008) to make a decision for themselves,” state Rep. Charles Moseley, D-Portage, said, introducing his amendment. “It just seems reasonable and fair to me that they should be given the opportunity for themselves … whether or not to retain that.”

Moseley’s amendment failed a voice vote.

Only 13 townships voted to retain their assessors over a decade ago, including Harrison Township in Vigo County. Vigo County’s website says the nine-person office handles assessments for about 27,000 parcels.

The 11 other townships in Vigo County use the county tax assessor’s office, according to Vigo County’s website.

The bill will be brought to the House floor again for a final vote and discussion.

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