Ziliak, Lindsey 11-7-13

Lindsey Ziliak

Put away the pitchforks people.

Yeah, I’m talking to you, “couch critics.” You know who you are. You’re out there blasting Lindsey Ogle for her decision to quit “Survivor” Wednesday night.

There was a whole thread of bashers on a “Survivor” recap column I read.

One called her a “sad sack pathetic quitter making up excuses” who doesn’t even deserve to be recognized at the reunion show.

Another said, “Lindsey copped out of course, but she wanted to make it seem like she was a Predator, with that hair and all, a merciful Predator who would let Trish live and forsake the million.... Such a noble savage.... or weak moron that should have stayed at home where she can teach her daughter in person how to quit without dignity or honor and then deny it.”

Where’s all this anger coming from? It’s just a show. Does she really deserve all of the hate?

Before you start poking your pitchforks at me, hear me out.

I’m not defending Lindsey’s actions. I’m not saying she made the right decision.

I was just as disappointed as you to see her give up. Like you, I was prodding her to make more strategic moves in the game.

When I start getting worked up, though, I remind myself that I’m not starving and freezing and wet and exhausted when I come up with my brilliant game strategies.

It’s easy to say you know what you’d do in her situation, but do you really?

There’s no way I’d survive even two or three days in Cagayan, Philippines, during the rainy season, wearing nothing but a bikini. I wear my winter coat pretty much all the time in my office at work – even in the summer. It’s safe to say that I don’t do cold well.

Like me, most of you (not all, I realize) don’t have the guts to ever get off the couch and take a risk like she did in joining the show and surviving as long as she did.

For that, I’ll have enough grace to say what many of you won’t, “You go girl.”

Some took issue with her bullying ways. OK, fair enough. I get those concerns, though we don’t know what happened during all the hours of footage that ended up on the cutting room floor.

The real irony here is some of you addressed her bullying ways by returning the favor and bullying her. That’s not the answer.

So take a deep breath “couch critics” and give her a break.

She tried something, and she failed. So what? People do that every day.

And only she knows what really drove her to leave that island. Maybe there’s more to it than we know.

I’m supposed to talk to Lindsey today, so tune in soon for the rest of the story.

— Lindsey Ziliak

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